How to Set-Up, Use and Pack Away the Colapz Portable Camping Shower

How to Set-Up, Use and Pack Away the Colapz Portable Camping Shower

The Colapz Portable Camping Shower isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s so simple to set-up, use and pack away that you’ll wonder how you camped without it.

So, firstly, here’s what’s in the pack:

  • Pump
  • 2m hose
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery and USB cable
  • 3 shower heads – shower, jet and trigger
  • Hook for hanging with suction cup
  • Handy bag for storage

As well as the equipment that comes with the shower pack, you’ll also need a standing water source, such as a bucket. If you’re looking for a compact bucket or bowl option, Colapz have some options. The most important thing to remember is that the pump can draw from any water source, so it’s simple to use in any circumstances and the battery can provide 45 to 60 minutes of use when fully charged, with a flow rate of 3 litres per minute!

Using the shower is simple: 

  1. Locate clean warm – not boiling – standing water source.
  2. Choose the right shower head for your needs – shower, jet and trigger.
  3. Drop pump into standing water source but don’t submerge the battery. Whilst it’s water resistant against splashes, it should be kept away from the water.
  4. Switch on.
  5. Shower!

It’s that easy and, thanks to the shower hook and suction cup, the shower head will hang comfortably wherever you need it to. Try attaching it to a branch, fence or windowpane to get the most from your 3 in 1 portable shower.

Once you’ve showered or washed whatever you need to wash, the 3 in 1 shower is easy to disassemble and pack away. Just make sure you’ve shaken as much water as possible from the pump before you pack it into the bag with the battery. Once packed away, the 3 in 1 shower takes up very little space, and you can carry spare batteries to prolong the length of time the shower can used, making it a really handy and compact camping and caravanning item. Not only can you use it for a nice morning shower while on holiday, it’s also great for those days at the beach when you need to rinse the salt from your hair or the sand from your feet or wet suit.

As well as this, though, you can also use the portable rechargeable shower for everyday tasks such as washing vehicles, animals and watering plants in places that are tricky to reach. All you have to do is remember to charge the battery after use and then you’ve got a fully portable shower whenever you need it, whether you need to blast dirt from the car with the trigger head or wash the dog with the shower head.

Here is a link demonstrating the set-up of the shower and the 3 different shower heads.   

At Colapz, we offer the shower as a basic 3in1 rechargeable shower kit which can be utilised with any standing water vessel or source, making it extremely convenient and portable.  We also offer it as part of various shower kits; including dog shower kits and camping shower kits, depending on your needs.    

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