USB Rechargeable Travel & Camping Shower (3in1)

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  • Portable shower that is rechargeable by USB
  • Battery provides 45-55 minutes of flowing water with 4-5 hours charge. Spare batteries available here
  • Flow rate 3 litres per minute
  • Suitable for water temperature 0 - 60℃ (32℉ - 140℉) 
  • Comes with 3 options - shower head, jet nozzle and trigger head
  • Includes hook attachment and suction cup option
  • Now available in a Premium Version
  • Can be used in conjunction with any standing water source
  • Perfect for camping, caravans, motorhomes, boats and rinsing off dishes!
  • Great for showering pets (or the kids feet!) at home and away. 
  • Perfect for cleaning dogs paws and legs to help prevent Alabama rot which can be fatal in certain cases
  • Great for cleaning bikes, patios and windows
  • Case Packed Size: 7 x 22 x 22cm
  • Pump Size: 4.3cm diameter x 11cm height - fits the opening of an aquaroll or waterhog! 
  • Shower weight (Total 719g): Pump 188g, Hose 162g, Shower head 67g, Trigger head 56g, Battery 79g, USB lead 22g, Hanging hook 19g, Bag 126g
  • Optional Colapz Ensuite Shower & Toilet Tent 

DISCLAIMER: The bucket, tent or folding stand are not included.  Props have been used for illustration purposes only.

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