About Us


At Colapz, we make the everyday extraordinary and the useful beautiful. Beginning with brilliant buckets and clever watering cans, we’re bringing the best of British design to homes and gardens across the United Kingdom.

Our cleverly collapsible products help you save space, and while you’re at it, save the world a little too. Made from flexible, eco-friendly material, they twist down for compact storage, taking up less room at home, in the shops and on our lorries. Less clutter, smaller carbon footprint.

They’re full of smart little details that make a surprisingly big difference and they’re amazingly durable too. In fact, we guarantee them for a year, but we bet they’ll last a lifetime.

We’re on a mission

We’re revolutionising everyday objects, making them clever, compact, colourful and eco-friendly.

Our promises

There’s no excuse for drab, do-the-minimum design, no matter how practical the product, so we promise to…

Create innovative, interesting products that do practical (and sometimes fun) jobs.

Minimise clutter and maximise space

Always add a splash of colour

Never settle for eco-unfriendly

Always be helpful to our customers

Innovative, interesting products that do practical jobs.

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