Intellectual Property

Beware cheap imitations

Innovation is at the heart of Colapz and we work really hard to bring you what we believe are fantastic original products. We’re proud to say that we design everything in the UK with our own in-house team who create groundbreaking products that are design-led, functional, high quality and give 100% satisfaction to our customers.

As you might imagine, pioneering new products requires a huge investment in research and development. Lazy, copycat manufacturers and counterfeiters will always seek the fast track to market by producing cheap versions that don’t meet stringent safety and quality standards. Their unlawful activity hurts us and other innovative British companies.

Protecting our intellectual property

Please be aware of imitation products. They’re often poorly made in unethical working conditions and may even be supporting some pretty nasty criminals.

We’re constantly fighting counterfeit products, not only to protect our work and business but to ensure you don’t end up with poor, unsafe products.

To protect you and our company, we will take legal action against anyone who infringes our intellectual property rights anywhere in the world.

Our intellectual property

Listed below is our global intellectual property.


Collapsible watering can (granted GB patent) – GB2506300

45L water carrier (pending GB patent application) – GB2578287

Caravan waste pipe adapter (pending GB patent application) - GB2583709

Watering can (7L) (granted US design) – D741,451 S

Watering can (9L) (granted US design) – D740,392 S

7-IN-1 Cutlery set (granted CHINA) - ZL 2021 3 0175992.2



1233244 - CHINA, EU, JAPAN


86708369 - UNITED STATES




7-IN-1 Cutlery set EU design registration - 012797851

7-IN-1 Cutlery set UK design registration - 6083265

7-IN-1 Cutlery set design registration - 6083265

7-IN-1 International design registration - 970061739

2-IN-1 Collapsible water dispenser vessel EU design registration - 006266235

2-IN-1 Collapsible watering can EU design registration  - 008322822

Folding stand UK design registration - 6054406

Flexible waste pipes UK design registration - 6054403

Flexible waste pipes motorhome adaptor UK design registration - 6054404

2-IN-1 Collapsible water dispenser vessel UK design registration - 6054405

Expanding filling pipe for fresh water UK design registration - 6062067

Metal rock pegs UK design registration - 6062066

Caravan double adaptor UK design registration - 6062065

Collapsible vessels UK design registration - 90062662350001