Collapsible Space Saving Kitchen Utensils for Your Camping Set-Up

Collapsible Space Saving Kitchen Utensils for Your Camping Set-Up

Every inch of space is important when you’re camping or caravanning. Without the use of space saving equipment in every corner of your tent or caravan, you’ll end up surrounded by things that are only useful part of the time and do nothing but take up space for the rest of the time. When you’re looking at space-saving utensils and kitchen equipment, we’ve got some top tips.

1. Utility Mats

Food grade mats are vital to ensure that, when you’re preparing food, it’s completely safe to eat. However, it’s true that the type of food mats you find in regular kitchens are too bulky and rigid to be of much use in a small space. Luckily, you can now find roll-up or folding utility matters that allow you to prepare food properly without worrying about where the mat goes afterwards.

2. Washing Up Bowls

Keeping all your bowls, plates and kitchen utensils clean is crucial – no one wants smelly utensils laying around the place and dirty equipment can quickly become a health hazard. The trouble is, washing up bowls can be bulky and cumbersome, so a collapsible option that can be compactly stored when not in use is an excellent addition to any camping set-up.

3. Kettles

For many people, a kettle is fundamental for a smooth and happy holiday, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the bulkiest items you’ll take with you. Since it’s not always in use, you’ll likely store your camping kettle in a cupboard, but that takes the cupboard out of action as a storage location for other things. So, if you can make the kettle as compact as possible, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour – without compromising on a good cup of tea under the awning.

4. Bowl Sets

You’ve boiled the water to help cook your food, you’ve chopped up your ingredients on your food grade utility mat and all your utensils are safely in your washing up bowl for cleaning later, so what else do you need? Well, one final collapsible item that we’d recommend for serving and, indeed, eating out of are collapsible bowls. Just like the other collapsible items in this list, you can then store them away without another thought.

This is just a snapshot of the collapsible kitchen items you can take with you on your camping or caravanning holiday. The thing to remember when you’re choosing any kitchen utensil for your trip is that it should be the same quality that you’d use at home but with the bonus of being space saving and appropriate for camping. Before you buy, check whether an item is food grade and fit for use with the food and drink you’ll be consuming from it. Plus, don’t forget that bargain basement options rarely live up to expectation – the last thing you want is an exploding collapsible kettle in your caravan, after all.

Of course, at Colapz we have a great selection of safe and very high quality camping utensils which are designed with your peace of mind at the forefront. Be it, one of our incredibly versatile collapsible bowl set or the collapsible drinking cups, you can be sure that we've got all eventualities covered here at Colapz.

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