What To Do In Your Garden In August

What To Do In Your Garden In August

Water's a vital ingredient in your garden in August. Even if it's been a wet summer when the sun comes out it's hot and dry so this month don't forget to keep watering your plants and containers. Just a few hours in that sunshine can mean they need a good drink.

If you've been planting bedding plants over the summer they're the first ones you should turn your watering can too. Watering is vital in those first few weeks of bedding in to ensure a plant gets good growth and survives. While August is traditionally the month when you can sit back and enjoy the bloom there are a few jobs you need to keep track of as well.

Cut the deadheads off any flowers and keep pruning on any vines or flowering climbers, like Wisteria to keep them healthy. Also, collect all the seeds from your favourite plants. keep them in envelopes in a dry place and you'll be able to sow them in the spring or later in the Autumn to grow a new crop for next year.

If you grow vegetables then you can start to harvest and get them from the pots to the plate to enjoy all your hard work over the year.

If you have a compost then with the warmer weather check if it needs feeding to keep it exactly how you want it.

Weeding might not be your favourite but it's important to keep doing it through the summer. Your plants need all the nutrients they can to grow and if weeds are taking moisture and goodness from the soil it could impede your plants and flowers.

Lastly, add a plant feed to one of your regular watering sessions. It's easy to do with a liquid feed, just pop it into your watering can. That will help keep plants tip top for the rest of the season. Happy gardening!

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