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Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Invented in the UK
Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Invented in the UK
The Top Gardening Accessories

The Top Gardening Accessories

Green finger and love gadgets? Got a small space but love to tend your pots and plants? At Colapz we're firm believers that size doesn't matter and it's all about buying the right products for your garden, no matter how big or small it is. So whether you're blessed with a shed, have just one border or tend a colourful balcony here are our tips for the must-have products and accessories for your garden.

Natural Twine
A godsend in the garden, even with containers. Use for tying together plants that need a rod to grow or even tall plants that bloom in spring. Use a natural twine as it degrades better on a compost.

A pair of strong gloves
Even if you spend your time with containers you still need gloves to protect your mitts from thorns, germs and general wear and tear. A strong pair of gloves can stay with your gardening gear (or be tossed in a drawer).

A little hand held set of secateurs can be used for anything from trimming vine to pruning plants in the autumn. A handy timesaver chooses a pair that has a good weight so you don't strain your hand if you're using them for a long time.

A wormery
Even if you have a tiny garden you have space for a wormery. They'll turn kitchen waste and scraps into a liquid compost which you can use as fertilizer and to help your plants grow.

A compost
You can buy composts that will sit on your kitchen top and let you convert scraps into the rich soil or you can buy something a little bigger. Some local authorities will sell you a compost for use in your garden. The best way to use waste and have new soil.

A bee hotel
Yes, it sounds like a Pixar film but everyone who has some green space should be doing something for our bee population. Bees deserve medals for their pollination work and all they usually get is a faceful of pesticide. Give them a little love with a bee hotel that you hang in sunlight and grow some flower seeds in it. It creates a place for the bees to hang out and do their thing.

A bird feeder
While we're on about saying thank you to garden wildlife let's not forget the birds. They'll be delighted in the summertime that you're promoting pollinators but by the time the weather gets cooler they might need a little help. The RSPB has a wide range of bird feeders that you can hang in your garden.

Growing pots
If your plants are getting to the stage where you need to take cuttings then growing pots are a must. Little containers that you fill with compost they can sit on your window ledge and help you grow small cuttings before you plant outside. They're also perfect for growing from seed.

A trowel and fork
You don't need a spade to tend to your borders. Instead, a small trowel and fork will help you to do most of your gardening jobs, especially if you just have containers. If you're really limited on space when you're done rinse them and then hang them up on a hook on the wall. Or get yourself a garden box to put under the sink and keep them there with your gloves and secateurs.

A Colapz Watering Can and Bucket
Well, obviously we were going to tell you one of our own products is perfect for your garden or balcony! The Watering Can and Bucket is a two in one that has all the accessories to water your plants while also giving you a useful bucket. And it folds down flat when you're not using it so it's easy to store. Choose from seven colours and order from our online store.

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