We're Launching A Kickstarter Campaign

We're Launching A Kickstarter Campaign

We've had this idea... Ideas are what we do at Colapz and we're never going to be shy about that. When we started making collapsible products our goal was to create something that was bright, colourful, fulfilled a need and also was a little fun to use.

Our collection is growing from a watering can to a bucket to a 2 in 1 and then our latest product, the liquid carrier. Each one is portable, easy to store, easy to collapse down and comes in seven bright shades. But then as we were thinking out outdoor life and the people who use our products for camping and festivals we started considering trying all of our products together.

What about a 4 in 1? When you're camping or at a festival, space is at a premium and we want to make a product that works as hard for you as it can. So how about a product that's a bucket, a watering can, a liquid carrier and a shower. It twists down flat like all of our other products but it's easy for you to store and use, just fitting different appliances to it to fulfil different purposes. Think it sounds like a good idea?

If you do then we'll need your help. We're launching a Kickstarter on 17th August to take the idea further. We're going to have a range of rewards and exclusive colours for those who pledge their support.

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