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Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
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Invented in the UK
Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Invented in the UK
Staycation or Vacation

Staycation or Vacation

The one thing we all look forward to are our holidays, whether they be a summer holiday with the family or a winter break as a couple. But, how many of us enjoy a British Staycation? In this blog we all look at the benefits of holidaying at home and why you may want to enjoy a Staycation. 

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What is a Staycation?

Quite simply it is a holiday in the U.K, whether that be England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. It doesn’t mean you have to stay in your home, it is an opportunity to visit the amazing locations across the U.K.

Uk Staycation

The U.K has some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world. From the beautiful beaches found in Scotland and Wales, the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, to the moors of Exmoor. It is not until you start looking that you find the U.K has some amazing tourist attractions too. All over the U.K there are theme parks, safari parks and National Trust properties. Coastal walks are a plenty offering fresh air and outdoor space.

beach holidays

There are seaside resorts the length and breadth of the U.K offering family fun on safe beaches. One thing you cannot guarantee is the weather but you can always find something to do at the seaside. 

Why should I take a Staycation?

A Staycation has several benefits to offer. How many time have you been delayed in airports, had flights cancelled, paid huge amounts for your summer package holidays? With a Staycation there is no more of that to worry about. You are in control of your own transport to your holiday destination.

Holidaying in the U.K supports local businesses and our economy. It provides needed jobs in our leisure, retail and tourism industries.

There are the benefits of not having to overcome foreign language barriers. Some local accents and dialects may have you stumped though, depending where you visit.

There is no worrying about exchange rates and trying to work out how much an ice cream is in euros. Your hard earned pound has the same value in every shop on your Staycation. 

Fudge Here we Tow

Last but not least, don’t forget your pets when planning your holiday. Our pets often have to go in to kennels and catteries when we go abroad. By holidaying in the U.K we can have the opportunity to take them with us, they too can enjoy a family holiday. 

Fudge Here we Tow

Where should I stay?

Across the U.K there are various types of accommodation available to you, ranging from luxury hotels to basic campsites. The leisure industry in the U.K offers something for everyone. You might wish to try a glamping pod, a caravan holiday or a night under the stars in a tent. There is something for everyone and online you can find resources to assist you in your search.

Over the past few years the popularity of leisure vehicles, such as caravans and motorhomes, has seen a surge. Many families and couples are now turning to a holiday in the U.K in their own leisure vehicle. This offers a real home from home experience with all the luxuries you may need. Campsites offer various levels of facilities, from basic grass pitches to luxury serviced pitches with their own hot tubs.

The hardest part of planning your Staycation may be choosing where to visit in the U.K. From sandy beaches to open moors, forests to fields, there is something for everyone.

The U.K offers many National Parks which offer great spaces for you to explore, often at no cost. A holiday at home doesn't have to be expensive with plenty to do for free. 

When should I go?

This depends on the type of holiday you want and when you can take your time off. The summer holidays are always a busy time with families, but many of us have no choice when we can take our holidays. If you can, avoid bank holidays if you don’t want it too busy.

May to September will usually offer the best weather for your holiday in the U.K. Cornwall is always popular and visiting at the start of the season often offers nice weather and fewer visitors. The same can be said for many costal towns and attractions.

 Cornwall UK

Winter time can offer some good value deals on all types of accommodation across the U.K. The visitor numbers drop and places to visit become quieter.

As long as you wrap up warm this could be a great time to travel and explore.

Over the coming years it may well be that the great British Staycation becomes a popular choice. We can support our local businesses and various industries by staying in the U.K and spending our money here.

With so much to see here in the U.K, will you be considering a Staycation in the future?

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