Colapz Utility Bag: 35 or 16 Litre

Colapz Utility Bag: 35 or 16 Litre

Do you ever feel like you need a strong carry bag when you’re touring or tenting? Where can you put those wet towels or dirty clothes? We may have the solution for you with our Colapz utility bag.

What is the Colapz Utility Bag?


Whether you’re a seasoned caravaner, motorhomer, camper or completely new to it all, storage is of paramount importance.

Even with innovative ways to incorporate storage into caravans and motorhomes, you always need that little extra help.

That’s where this heavy-duty utility bag comes into its own. The bottom is flat and reinforced, meaning it can stand upright on the floor without extra support. The utility bag is available in two sizes, 35 litre and 16 litre, and comes in green or blue. The quality of the material means it will last you years. When not in use it collapses down to almost nothing and weighs very little.

How can I use my Utility Bag?

Maybe you’re taking clothes to an on-site laundry or need to carry wood from one end of the site to another for a camp fire. This utility bag is the ideal accompaniment to any activity you might need to undertake. This includes carrying water back from a communal tap.

The heavy-duty fabric and a sealed waterproof layer at the bottom ensure it is ideal for carrying wet towels from the showers.

The Utility Bag makes a great laundry bag for children’s dirty play clothes or after a day adventuring. You can store muddy boots in there and wash the bag out afterwards. The larger 35 litre bag will hold a whole weeks worth of washing.

The Utility Bag is watertight, meaning that if you want to utilise it as a large bucket you can. Use it in tandem with the Colapz Portable Shower and Wash Kit for a long showering experience for humans and pets. In warm weather it is ideal for cooing down dogs with the shower if you don’t have the Colapz bucket to hand. 


You can use your Utility Bag at home,  it is great for carrying small hand tools, weeds and clippings.

There are many more uses too. Why not fill it with ice to use as a drinks cooler at a family barbecue. You can store children’s toys and games in it and even wet dog leads.

How do I get one?

The Utility Bag can be purchased online through the Colapz website, on Amazon or at any shows we exhibit at. They are priced at £15 for 16 litres and £20 for 35 litres.


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