Our 4in1 Indiegogo Campaign

Our 4in1 Indiegogo Campaign

It’s a bucket, a watering can, a liquid carrier and a shower. You can help us in our bid to launch our new 4in1 with an Indiegogo campaign. At Colapz we design versatile products that are not only beautiful to look at but are multi-functional. This month we’ve launched a new Indiegogo campaign to fund a 4in1 to add to our collection.

-  It’s a bucket
The 4in1 has a huge 10l capacity when it’s used as a bucket. You can use it to wash cars, carry water when you go fishing or camping, boating or gardening. This is one incredibly useful collapsible bucket.

-  It’s a watering can
A 9L watering can that’s easy to refill via the hole in the lid. When you’re not using it the spout is stored easily in the base and the handle folds down. Use it in the garden, for watering veg plots or pots indoors and outdoors.

-  It’s a liquid carrier
The 4-in-1 is 100% food-grade compliant to FDA/LFGB standards. Great for carrying and dispensing water, juice, squash and lots of your favourite alcohols. A huge 9 Litre capacity when the 4-in-1 is used as a liquid carrier, refillable using a hole in the lid. It’s perfect for camping, glamping, festivals, boating, fishing, picnics, BBQ’s and happy times.

-  It’s a shower
Attach the watering can rose, use a plastic hose and hey presto here’s a shower for you to use when you’re camping or at a festival. The rose head attaches directly to the tap. The 590mm can be taken off and stored neatly into the lid when you’re not using it. Wash poets, yourself and use on the move whether you’re glamping or camping.

Like every product in the Colapz collection, we’ve designed the 4in1 as a space saver. It has a comfortable handle making it easy to carry here and there. We’ve developed an ergonomic design so the focus is on making it easy to lift, pour and manage when it’s full of water (and can be heavy). There’s an elastic strap to its secure when collapsed and has a hanging loop so you can store it out of the way when you’re not using it. It is 100% watertight. You can’t lose the spout or rose head as they are tucked safely away in the base. There’s a level indicator letting you know how much liquid is inside. It’s ideal for use inside and out, the colour will stay bright as it is UV resistant for summer use, and it’s frost proof so perfect for winter. The material is a high-grade durable plastic composite and it is made from 100% recyclable material. It's available in three colours, blue, green and pink We have a range of exciting perks to say thank you to those who support us. Find out more and support us where you can at Indiegogo.

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