How to Store Water Safely When Camping

How to Store Water Safely When Camping

Access to clean and safe water when camping is an absolute necessity. For campers, water has all the same vital uses as it does at home, but it can be trickier to get hold of and equally as tricky to store securely. Whether you’re storing water in your tent or caravan for drinking purposes or to aid with cooking, it needs to be in a container that won’t cause you a headache in the morning. No one ever woke up delighted to find water sloshing around the bottom of the tent because the water storage container leaked.

So, now we’ve established that effective water containers are a must when you’re camping, you might be wondering what makes an effective container and what you need to be on the lookout for.

Size Matters

Many water storage containers on the market look pretty, but they’re too small to do the job properly. Even if you’re staying in a campsite where there’s fresh drinkable water available, you’ll still need to keep a substantial amount close at hand. Just think of the number of times you use a tap at home – all that water soon adds up. So, you need a container that can handle the amount of water you need for drinking, cooking and cleaning, and this depends on the number of people in your camping party. Remember, too, that large containers filled with more water than you need places its own burden on your vehicle, so don’t go too big either.

Material Matters

If you’re using any of the water you’re stockpiling for drinking, cooking or cleaning things that will come into contact with your body, that water container needs to be non-toxic and have no impact on the quality of the water inside. That rules out many of the containers tucked away in your cupboards already because if it isn’t BPA free, it shouldn’t be going anywhere near the water you’re drinking or cooking with.

Quality Matters

As well as being safe to drink, your water supply needs to be stored in a container that isn’t going to leak, spill, split or randomly fall over. So, it pays to purchase a water container from a professional supplier with a good record of providing water containers that contain water in just the way they’re supposed to. Cheaper options may exist, certainly, but then you might be paddling in your tent in the early hours of the morning – don’t risk it.

Storage Matters

Along with all this, you also have a finite amount of space in your tent or caravan. Even if you choose a container that will suit your water needs perfectly for the trip, it’s unlikely you want it there blocking your valuable space when it’s not being used. This is where collapsible water containers come into their own. They allow you to reclaim the space your water container occupies when it’s not busy holding your water, and everyone loves a space-saver.

One thing’s for certain – safe water is a must when you’re camping or caravanning. Some water containers might look pretty or claim to be leak-proof, but you should always check the small print. Get your water container sorted and you can get back to the important task of enjoying your trip.

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