5 Must-Have Space Saving Caravan Accessories

5 Must-Have Space Saving Caravan Accessories

Every caravanner knows the importance of space-saving. Unless you want to spend your entire holiday tripping over things, you need to employ some sneaky techniques to make sure that your caravan space is used to its full potential. With that in mind, here are 5 of our top accessories for saving space in your caravan.

1. Hook your Utensils In

The humble hook can be an amazing space saver – plus it doesn’t have to be an unsightly addition to your caravan either. Try fixing hooks on the inside of cupboards to provide a little extra storage space for clothes and bags. Don’t forget too that you can put loose items (dog toys, tools, toiletries) in bags specifically to hang them on the hooks. You’re not just limited to using hooks on items that are easy to hook – start thinking outside the box!

2. Nesting Time

While home kitchens have a place for everything, the space within a caravan is limited and you need to make the most of it. So, while you might not consider nesting crockery and utensils at home, it might be the only solution for your caravan if you want to make sure you have the right items with you when you’re caravanning. Bowls, spoons, pans and cuts are all available in nesting options, meaning you can keep your caravan free of clutter and make the most of the space you have.

3. Dividers Rule

If you divide drawers into segments, they immediately start working harder for you. Dividing space allows you to allocate sections and quickly find things. While at home you might be content to have a huge drawer dedicated to socks, but the space isn’t working to its full potential with all those gaps in between the rolled-up pairs. So, instead of allowing dead space to creep into your caravan, use dividers in any way you can – in the kitchen space, bedroom space and even in the bathroom space.

4. Hanging from the Ceiling

Remember those hooks? Prepare to be amazed by the space saving potential of hanging those hooks from the ceiling of your caravan and utilising the dead space above your heads to its fullest potential. It goes without saying that you need to be careful about weight and placement (we wouldn’t recommend hanging the tool box up there), but the space underneath the ceiling can be used much more efficiently. Mesh bags are great options to keep a fresh interior feeling for your caravan while still providing extra storage space.

5. Go Collapsible

The number of items that are available in collapsible form these days means that you can choose caravan equipment that saves space even before you employ any of the methods mentioned above. For instance, buckets are an important part of caravanning life for various reasons, but collapsible buckets will reduce in size when you’re not using them to save space. Equally, the idea of a collapsible kettle might seem crazy at first, but packing it up and putting it away to clear worktop space? You’d be amazed at the difference a few collapsible items can make to the interior of your caravan.

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