Colapz Watering Can v Standard Watering Can

Colapz Watering Can  v  Standard Watering Can

All watering cans are not made equally. Some can water things and that’s about all, while others can become an indispensable tool for home and away. The Colapz 3-in-1 Watering Can is in that special category, thanks to its versatility and its collapsible body.

So, if you’re wondering why to choose the Colapz Watering Can, here are six brilliant reasons:

1. Space Saver

Any item that collapses is an excellent space saver, especially if you’re a regular camper, caravanner or motorhomer and you need all the space you can get while you’re away. It’s as useful if you’re at home too – allowing you to store the watering can in compact places that a standard watering can just couldn’t fit into. Best of all, the Colapz Watering Can remains as strong as ever, no matter how many times you pop it up or down, thanks to its electronically welded joints.

2. Easy to Transport

Tied in with being easy to store, the Colapz Watering Can is easy to transport too. Think of your standard watering can with its handle and its spout – how simple is it to get that into the car for a holiday or how much space does it take up in a caravan? While those watering cans clatter around, the Colapz Watering Can collapses neatly down and fits neatly in the car, caravan, motorhome or campervan along with everything else you need to take with you.

3. Lightweight

As well as being cumbersome, normal watering cans can sometimes be clunky and heavy. The Colapz Watering Can, on the other hand is made from lightweight materials that make it a light addition to your camping load – so light, that you’ll barely notice it.

4. Made from Food Grade Materials

Many standard watering cans come with a warning label that reminds you not to drink from it. That’s not such an issue if you’re at home, but what about when you’re away in a tent or caravan and every item has to do double duty? A watering can should just as easily become a water carrier and the Colapz Watering Can is made from high quality food grade materials that mean it’s safe to take a sip.   

5. 3-in-1 Carrier

A watering can is just a watering can, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. As mentioned above, every item you take with you on a camping or caravanning trip has to earn its place, and the best way to do that is through versatility. The Colapz Watering Can is easy to convert to a standard water carrier or a bucket thanks to the removal of the spout and even comes with a liquid level indicator, so you know exactly how much water is in the 8-litre capacity can.  This is especially useful when topping up a caravan toilet water tank, which is typically 8-litres, or an on-board motorhome or campervan fresh water tank. 

6. Durable and Flexible

If a watering can is a basic tool for home and away, the Colapz Watering Can takes it to the next level by being fit for long term use. Instead of being a cumbersome piece of equipment liable to break, the Colapz Watering Can easily folds away to avoid being snagged or caught. It’s also made from flexible UV resistant material to ensure it doesn’t fade in the sun or crack in winter. All in all, it’s designed for long term use, so it’s the only watering can you’ll need for a long time – how’s that for an investment?




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