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Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
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Invented in the UK
Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Invented in the UK


If you already own a dog, or are thinking of adding to your family with a new pet, you may be wondering how they will adjust to camping or caravanning. In this blog we will explain how to enjoy your trips with our furry friends.

Many of us already own dogs and they are a great addition to our families. Here at Colapz we have Chilli and Mango, our Chihuahuas.


Dogs and The Outdoors are A Perfect Fit

One the the best things about camping and caravanning is that we don’t need to leave our dogs at home when we enjoy a holiday. Most camping sites are dog friendly and it is a great way to get outdoors with the family. 

5 Tips for Camping with Dogs 

1.  The sound of a dog barking should not spoil anyone else’s enjoyment!

Camping and caravanning should be about relaxation and enjoyment. The reality is, no-one wants to hear excessive barking on site, fellow dog owners included.

Be thoughtful of others, if you know your dog barks excessively then consider finding a pitch away from others. Consider why your dog barks and look to occupy their attention with toys and walks.

It is important not to leave you dog unattended on the site if you go out for the day. You don’t know if your pet will bark whilst you are away. On a warm day it is very important not to leave your dog behind in a warm tent or caravan.

2. Aggressive dogs can be a problem

You will know your dog better than anyone. Don’t forget dogs may act differently in unfamiliar surroundings. Going on a camping trip is exciting for all the family, including our pets. Nearly all sites will request that our dogs are on a lead and under proper control. Use common sense and don’t let your dog wander up to other dogs or people off the lead. You might love your dog but other people might not. It is important to remember that your dog may have harmless intentions, but the another dog on the lead may be nervous or aggressive.

You must be able able to control your dog in the presence of distractions. Make sure your dog also wears a collar with a name tag at all times. It goes without saying they should be microchipped, just in case anything should happen.

3. Clean up the mess - bag and bin!

Any responsible and loving dog owner should have a pooh bag at the ready. This goes for campsites and public places alike. As dog owners, we hate to see anti-social dog owners who for some reason think it’s acceptable to leave their dogs mess all over pavements, campsite verges, and trails. It only takes a few seconds to clean up and most sites have disposal bins in convenient places. Don’t give dog owners a bad name, please dispose of your bags properly. Don’t ruin it for everyone else.

4. Do not give too many food treats

When we are away camping we all enjoy things in excess, including BBQ food and treats. I am sure we can all relate to putting on a few holiday pounds and feeling like we have over-indulged. This can happen to our dogs too. Do not throw your dogs lots of extra BBQ meat and other rich treats they usually wouldn’t have at home when camping or caravanning. Yes, it is tempting when they sit there with those big brown eyes. Dogs can have sensitive digestive systems and an overload of sausage may have a serious consequence.

Staying as close to their usual diet and feeding routine as possible reduces the likelihood of any incidents.

It is worth mentioning that a change in tap water can effect some dogs toilet habits too. If you are going away for a few days you may consider taking some bottled tap water from home. We take our Colapz portable dog water bottle and collapsible bowls on our camping trips.

5. Take towels for muddy paws and wet tummies

Many of us will be prepared with towels for all doggy situations. Even in the height of summer our dogs manage to find muddy ditches, streams and rivers.

Muddy paws are not a good look on our camping furniture. Having a towel at hand, and even a throw for furniture, will save a lot of mess. Remember though if you use a dog towel please don’t wash it in the onsite washing machines. No-one will thank you when their families clothes come out covered in your dog hair.

A great doggy accessory is the Colapz portable outdoor dog shower kit. This enables you to wash off your dog after a walk, or even offer a nice cool down on a hot day.

By following some simple camping and caravanning site etiquette we can all enjoy holidays with our dogs. Your dog will enjoy that time outdoors and socialising with other pets.

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