Collapsible Pack of 2 Bowls



  • Durable FDA grade silicone
  • Great for humans and pets alike
  • Come with an integrated carrycase
  • Height adjustable
  • Removable bowls for easy cleaning
  • Dimensions: 15cm diameter x 7cm high

DISCLAIMER: The mat is not included. Props have been used for illustration purposes only.

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Take your dogs on the road with this completely integrated pack of collapsible bowls that you can carry with you anywhere you go. It’s ideal for those holidays or journeys where you can’t leave your furry friends behind, but you can’t bring all their favourite equipment along either. With a bowl for food and a bowl for water, you can make them happy while making life easier for you.

These collapsible bowls have been designed with the user in mind. They come in an integrated carry case which is both durable and easy to hook onto something so you don’t lose it. You can also easily remove the bowls from the case, meaning that cleaning isn’t a problem. As for the bowls themselves, they’re made from food grade silicone (making them safe for humans and animals), plus they’re height adjustable.

You don’t have to be a dog to enjoy these bowls either. They’re ideal for humans wanting a space-saving solution for a picnic or day out. Walkers like them as a way of eating their lunch in any location! They’re also great for children, giving them their own bowl to take into the garden – no more smashed china when they drop their ice cream! The possibilities for this bowl are limited only by how many of them you want to buy.

For caravanners and motorhome owners (not to mention campers), every inch of space matters. You don’t want to be wasting what little storage space you have on crockery, so the compact nature of this collapsible set of bowls is brilliant. They’re also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about needing heavy-duty cleaning equipment while you’re having a nice break. Plus, the black colour means that you have the versatility of collapsible bowls without some of the brighter colours that don’t suit everyone.


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