September 13, 2016

Colapz Bucket ranked 4th best collapsible bucket!

Compiled with thirty-two hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published on Ezvid Wiki (the world's first video wiki), is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of collapsible bucket options available to consumers in the United States.  

Seems everyone continues to love our bright colours and excellent quality, and it's also great to hear the product is viewed as good value for money!  Buy our great buckets and other colapz products here!

September 25, 2015

20 reasons why Colapz is your camping friend

There are many things you need to have a successful camping trip. While we agree with #CampingwithDogs, our new favourite Instagram feed, that a four-legged friend is a vital ingredient, we can't help but think that Colapz is too. 

So we've listed all the uses of Colapz products that will make your camping trip so much easier!

1. Colapz products flatten down, so you save on packing space.

2. As well as storing flat they have a handy tie to you simply attach to your rucksack.

3. Don't forget that the less space they take up means more tent room!

4. A bucket is invaluable when you're camping. Carry water across the campsite and enjoy our easy handle for fewer spills.

5. Or use the 10L capacity to mix cocktails. 

6. Or carry other products in it, how about food, beer or toys?

7. Failing that you can use our liquid carrier. It has a 9L storage capacity and is safe for carrying cold liquids. 

8. The liquid carrier is also made from food grade materials so it's safe to carry food around. 

9. Our products are frost proof so if you're a hardy soul camping in winter at least your Colapz product won't crack!

10. Use a 2in1 for a bucket and a watering can. You can totally use a watering can as a shower. 

11. How about going foraging, a bucket/watering can will make it easier for you to carry back what you find. 

12. Or to carry firewood.

13. The two in one is electronically welded for extra strength so it's pretty hardy. 

14. Plus all the parts store in the lid so you won't lose them outdoors. 

15. That handy tie can be used to tie up your products inside the tent too. 

16. The bright colours make it much harder to lose them anyway!

17. Our products are made from recyclable plastic, so you're not harming the environment.

18. Kids love them because they're bright, fun and colourful so what might seem like a chore while camping actually becomes fun!

19. The 2in1 is under £30 so much cheaper than most of your camping gear!

20. You don't need to pack them away with your camping gear when you get home. Use them in the garden or around the house; practical, usable and useful!

Picture by Ali Johnston @alijphotos

September 18, 2015

5 time (and money) saving tips for gardeners in September

It shouldn't come as any surprise that here at Colapz, where we design products to save you space and making living a little easier, we like efficiency. Making buckets, watering cans and liquid carriers that fold away to save you space lets you consider other ways that can make the gardener more efficient and time, and money, are huge factors for gardeners.

Those of us who like to be thrifty should embrace September for what it is, a chance to spend time investing in our garden that will reap dividends in the future. It can be tempting to see the start of Autumn as a chance to wind down in the garden; the summer bloom is starting to ebb, the planning time to protect plants from winter frost hasn't begun just yet. However you can lay the groundwork for next summer right now, and do it far cheaper than you would in Spring. 

Plan next year's garden

Do you know what plants you want in your garden next summer? Don't wait until Spring, buy them now from a nursery and they'll be far cheaper than they would be in a few months' time. Check the roots to make sure they'll still take and see if they need any mesh or protection from frost. There's still a few weeks of sunshine and rain so you can still plant and they need to be in the ground six weeks before the first frost. 

Alternatively take this opportunity to divide your spring perennials, like peonies and lilies. It's worth getting together with your friends and seeing if they have any plants you want and you them. It saves money and means you can divide plants and donate to eachother with no more cost than a cup of tea when they pop around!

Prepare your soil

The better the quality of your soil, the better your plant growth will be next year. Use this autumn to fertilize your soil, focusing on products that promote root growth. This will make your plants stronger and healthier, as all the hard work is being done under the surface in winter. 

Buy bulbs

It's hard to imagine to joy of those first spring bulbs coming through the soil after the months of cold winter as when we look around us right now we still have the vibrancy and colour of summer. But we know it's coming. Offset that winter gloom by planning for spring. Bulbs are cheap right now so buy daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. Plant them in pots or your border and wait for them to pop up in the spring. 

Have a tidy

You can't get it right all the time! There might be plants you put in place this spring that haven't quite worked out. This is the time to move them. Any perennials that have become too crowded can be split and replanted. Don't cut plants back too much in autumn, especially perennials. Many insects will use their leaves for warmth and shade in the winter. Tidy your borders and lay some compost to let the worms ready your soil for spring. 

Clean your garden equipment

If you have Colapz equipment you've used all summer, along with your shears, spades, forks and what have you, now is the time to clean and protect them for the winter. Give them a wash, use linseed oil to protect metal and sharpen secateurs ready for spring. It'll save you having to buy new equipment in the spring!

September 11, 2015

Our 4in1 Indiegogo Campaign

It’s a bucket, a watering can, a liquid carrier and a shower. You can help us in our bid to launch our new 4in1 with an Indiegogo campaign.

At Colapz we design versatile products that are not only beautiful to look at but are multi-functional. This month we’ve launched a new Indiegogo campaign to fund a 4in1 to add to our collection.

It’s a bucket

The 4in1 has a huge 10l capacity when it’s used as a bucket. You can use it to wash cars, carry water, when you go fishing or camping, boating or gardening. This is one incredibly useful collapsible bucket.

It’s a watering can

A 9L watering can that’s easy to refill via the hole in the lid. When you’re not using it the spout is stored easily in the base and the handle folds down. Use it in the garden, for watering veg plots or pots indoors and outdoors.

It’s a liquid carrier

The 4-in-1 is 100% food-grade compliant to FDA/LFGB standards. Great for carrying and dispensing water, juice, squash and lots of your favourite alcohols. A huge 9 Litre capacity when the 4-in-1 is used as a liquid carrier, refillable using a hole in the lid. It’s perfect for camping, glamping, festivals, boating, fishing, picnics, BBQ’s and happy times.

It’s a shower

Attach the watering can rose, use  a plastic hose and hey presto here’s a shower for you to use when you’re camping or at a festival. The rose head attaches directly to the tap. The 590mm can be taken off and stored neatly into the lid when you’re not using it. Wash poets, yourself  and use on the move whether you’re glamping or camping.

Like every product in the Colapz collection we’ve designed the 4in1 as a space saver. It has a comfortable handle making it easy to carry here and there. We’ve developed an ergonomic design so the focus is on making it easy to lift, pour and manage when it’s full of water (and can be heavy). There’s an elastic strap to its secure when collapsed and has a hanging loop so you can store it out of the way when you’re not using it. It is 100% watertight.

You can’t lose the spout or rose head as they are tucked safely away in the base. There’s a level indicator letting you know how much liquid is inside. It’s ideal for use inside and out, the colour will stay bright as it is UV resistant for summer use, and it’s frost proof so perfect for winter. The material is a high grade durable plastic composite and it is made from 100% recyclable material.

It's available in three colours, blue, green and pink

We have a range of exciting perks to say thank you to those who support us. Find out more and support us where you can at Indiegogo
August 28, 2015

Creating the perfect container garden

When you haven't got much space, planning a garden can feel like a pipe dream. Making collapsible garden products, like watering can and buckets we know you have to box clever when space is at a premium. There's no reason why, just because you've got a courtyard, balcony or even a window ledge, that you can't enjoy a micro-garden. 

This is when containers come into their own. Allowing you to plant pots and boxes that will add colour and shape to brighten up even the smallest space. 

Start by picking the planter you want. It could be a large box or you could go for ceramic pots. If you haven't got soil or compost then you need to go out and buy it. Remember, soil is one thing you shouldn't scrimp on. If all the nutrients your plants will get are coming from the bag you're buying then get the good stuff, rather than the cheapest bag you can fine. 

You'll need some plant food, liquid or capsule and you'll have to have something to water the plants (obviously we're going to suggest a Colapz watering can at this point!)

Think about what you want to plant. It's about structure and height. You want something tall, something quite thickset to add depth and a trailing plant for colour and shape. 

Search the web for some inspiration. If you like bright colours, or stones, or even want to have separate containers for herbs and some for flowers know what you're planting. A variety of containers will add different shapes and colours and it's easier for you to move plants around into different parts of the garden when you need to. 

Fill your planter with soil half the way up. Then start to plant. The tall plant should be at the back, trialing at the front. Ensure each has enough space to spread. 

Add more soil until it reaches the top and then feed and water the plants. You want to feed them once a week. A liquid feed means you can add it to the watering can and do it with your regular waterings. 

August 21, 2015

What can you plant right now?

August should really be a time when you sit back and enjoy the hard work you've done in your garden over the past twelve months. 

But if you've got itchy green fingers and are aching to plant something then there's plenty you can do outdoors to get your garden ready for winter and spring. 

Ideal to sow in August are poppies and cornflowers. Offering a bright burst of colour in the early spring months, these red and blue displays will be some of the first colour your see in the new year. Prep the soil with some feed and rake it gently. Sow the seeds and then water daily until they begin to grow. 

Delphiniums and Echium, both brilliant blue flowers, can also be sown in August. 

For those want to start a veg garden in 2016, you don't need to wait until spring. Chard and Lettuce can both be planted in August. There are specific varieties that will grow for winter, ensuring you'll have your own greens as the months get colder. Spinach is also a great planter in late summer. 

Sowing from seed, as well as chard opt for peas, chervil and radish as well as spring onion. They'll give you a great winter harvest and also some good colour; chard is bright red and can give you, and your salad bowl, some good cheer as it gets colder. 

Planting new seeds in late summer will give you a little greenery for the winter months and also some early colour in spring as the garden begins to bring itself back to life. 

August 14, 2015

We're launching a Kickstarter campaign

We've had this idea ....

Ideas are what we do at Colapz and we're never going to be shy about that. When we started making collapsible products our goal was to create something that was bright, colourful, fulfilled a need and also was a little fun to use. 

Our collection is growing from a watering can to a bucket to a 2 in 1 and then our latest product, the liquid carrier. Each one is portable, easy to store, easy to collapse down and comes in seven bright shades. 

But then as we were thinking out outdoor life and the people who use our products for camping and festivals we started considering tying all of our products together. What about a 4 in 1? 

When you're camping or at a festival, space is at a premium and we want to make a product that works as hard for you as it can. So how about a product that's a bucket, a watering can, a liquid carrier and a shower. It twists down flat like all of our other products but it's easy for you to store and use, just fitting different appliances to it to fulfill different purposes. 

Think it sounds like a good idea? If you do then we'll need your help. We're launching a Kickstarter on 17th August to take the idea further. 

We're going to have a range of rewards and exclusive colours for those who pledge their support. 

You can sign up here and you'll get a notification when we go live.

August 07, 2015

What to do in your garden in August

Water's a vital ingredient in your garden in August. Even if it's been a wet summer when the sun comes out it's hot and dry so this month don't forget to keep watering your plants and containers. Just a few hours in that sunshine can mean they need a good drink. 

If you've been planting bedding plants over the summer they're the first ones you should turn your watering can to. Watering is vital in those first few weeks of bedding in to ensure a plant gets good growth and survives. 

While August is traditionally the month when you can sit back and enjoy the bloom there are a few jobs you need to keep track of as well. 

Cut the deadheads off any flowers and keep pruning on any vines or flowering climbers, like Wisteria to keep them healthy. 

Also collect all the seeds from your favourite plants. keep them in envelopes in a dry place and you'll be able to sow them in the spring or later in the Autumn to grow a new crop for next year. 

If you grow vegetables then you can start to harvest and get them from the pots to the plate to enjoy all your hard work over the year. 

If you have a compost then with the warmer weather check if it needs feeding to keep it exactly how you want it. 

Weeding might not be your favourite but it's important to keep doing it through the summer. Your plants need all the nutrients they can to grow and if weeds are taking moisture and goodness from the soil it could impede your plants and flowers. 

Lastly add a plant feed to one of your regular watering sessions. It's easy to do with a liquid feed, just pop it into your watering can. That will help keep plants tip top for the rest of the season. 

Happy gardening! 

July 31, 2015

The top garden accessories

Green fingered and love gadgets? Got a small space but love to tend your pots and plants?

At Colapz we're firm believers that size doesn't matter and it's all about buying the right products for your garden, no matter how big or small it is. So whether you're blessed with a shed, have just one border or tend a colourful balcony here are our tips for the must-have products and accessories for your garden. 

Natural twine

A godsend in the garden, even with containers. Use for tying together plants that need a rod to grow or even tall plants that bloom in spring. Use a natural twine as it degrades better on a compost. 

A pair of strong gloves

Even if you spend your time with containers you still need gloves to protect your mitts from thorns, germs and general wear and tear. A strong pair of gloves can stay with your gardening gear (or be tossed in a drawer). 


A little hand held set of secateurs can be used for anything from trimming vine to pruning plants in the autumn. A handy timesaver choose a pair that has a good weight so you don't strain your hand if you're using them for a long time. 

A wormery

Even if you have a tiny garden you have space for a wormery. They'll turn kitchen waste and scraps into a liquid compost which you can use as fertilizer and to help your plants grow. 

A compost

You can buy composts that will sit on your kitchen top and let you convert scraps into rich soil or you can buy something a little bigger. Some local authorities will sell you a compost for use in your garden. The best way to use waste and have new soil. 

A bee hotel

Yes, it sounds like a Pixar film but everyone who has some green space should be doing something for our bee population. Bees deserve medals for their pollination work and all they usually get is a faceful of pesticide. Give them a little love with a bee hotel that you hang in sunlight and grow some flower seeds in it. It creates a place for the bees to hangout and do their thing. 

A bird feeder

While we're on about saying thank you to garden wildlife let's not forget the birds. They'll be delighted in the summertime that you're promoting pollinators but by the time the weather gets cooler they might need a little help. The RSPB has a wide range of bird feeders that you can hang in your garden. 

Growing pots

If your plants are getting to the stage where you need to take cuttings then growing pots are a must. Little containers that you fill with compost they can sit on your window ledge and help you grow small cuttings before you plant outside. They're also perfect for growing from seed. 

A trowel and fork

You don't need a spade to tend to your borders. Instead a small trowel and fork will help you to do most of your gardening jobs, especially if you just have containers. If you're really limited on space when you're done rinse them and then hang them up on a hook on the wall. Or get yourself a garden box to put under the sink and keep them there with your gloves and secateurs. 

A Colapz Watering Can and Bucket

Well obviously we were going to tell you one of our own products is perfect for your garden or balcony! The Watering Can and Bucket is a two in one that has all the accessories to water your plants while also giving you a useful bucket. And it folds down flat when you're not using it so it's easy to store. Choose from seven colours and order from our online store

July 24, 2015

Why we love RHS Flower Shows

This week we've been at Tatton Park with Meadow in My Garden. 

Running from 22-26 July, RHS Flower Show Tatton Park is a celebration of the best in gardening. If you've never been to the glorious parklands of Cheshire's Tatton Park you should. The Neo-Classical mansion is set in 50 acres of landscaped gardens and 1,000 acres of deer park. 

The Flower Show here has been running for almost 20 years and has welcomed thousands of visitors through its gate. There are the perennial favourites from the RHS National Flower Bed Competition, the Show Gardens and the Floral Marquee. A Young Designer competition was launched in 2009 and the festival continues to celebrate innovation and new ideas in gardening. 

If you're coming to RHS Tatton Park this weekend do come and see us along with Meadow in my Garden. 

There's information on tickets and travelling here

See more pictures of RHS Tatton Park on our Facebook Page and send us yours as well! 

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