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Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
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Invented in the UK
Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Invented in the UK
Top BBQ’s for Camping and Caravanning in 2021

Top BBQ’s for Camping and Caravanning in 2021

When you imagine yourself camping, caravanning or motorhoming, most of us think about a BBQ. It might be a fully cooked breakfast you like in a morning. Maybe you like a lunchtime burger cook out. It could even be a tasty evening stir fry accompanied by spring rolls. In this blog we will take a closer look at a variety of portable barbecues, both charcoal, electric and gas. Which would you choose? 

Best Charcoal Barbecues 

Argos Home Charcoal Portable Round BBQ


colapz - Argos bbq

The Argos portable BBQ offers outstanding value and a great alternative to buying disposable trays. Cheerful, bright and surprisingly light – you won’t need to worry too much about payload. The BBQ weighs in at 2kg and is kettle barbecuing at its simplest. Just fill with charcoal bricks, light and grill. The cooking surface isn’t huge but it will cater for two or three people. The legs give plenty of clearance from the ground, which means that this can also safely double as a table-top barbecue.

How Much: £12.50 Argos (currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Weber Go Anywhere 

Colapz - Weber Go Anywhere

The Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal BBQ is compact and easy to transport, making it perfect for use on camping breaks or trips to the beach.

The whole barbecue is weather-proof and rust-resistant, with a porcelain-enamel coating on the steel lid and bowl, and a durable triple-plated steel cooking grate.

 It has reinforced nylon carry handle with a protective heat shield, and stands on triple-plated stainless steel legs which fold up conveniently over the lid to secure it shut for easy carriage and storage.

A charcoal measuring cup is included, helping you to cook perfect barbecue food. 

How much: £85 (currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Weber Smokey Joe Premium 


Colapz - Weber Smokey Joe

This small grill from industry leaders Weber feels like it will endure years of camping trips. Weber are an established and respected BBQ provider. The Smokey Joe is a simple, no-nonsense design. It’s basically a deep bowl for charcoal with a grill on top and an adjustable vent in the lid, which helps control how much smoky flavour you give your cooking. Weber’s famed premium barbecues cost over £1000, this is a budget-friendly way to own your own Weber.

How Much: £89.99 Weber Site 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Cobb Premier Charcoal Barbecue Grill


Colapz Cobb Premier

Take the virtues of the indoor oven into the great outdoors. The Cobb Premier Barbecue’s system lets you cook, roast and smoke whatever you want, wherever you want, and far more quickly than a conventional barbecue.

The Cobb’s barbecuing talents are second to none, beautifully cooking burgers, sausages, steaks, ribs, kebabs, fish and veggies to perfection. But barbecuing is just the beginning. Versatility is key to the Cobb, with roasting, baking, grilling, frying and smoking. 

Cook a full English breakfast, joints of beef, lamb or pork, even pizzas and fresh bread – Cobb puts a whole world of alfresco feasts at your fingertips. And because it keeps your food separate from the fuel, there’s no charring or fat-dripping flare-ups, so the results are not only delicious but healthier too.

How much: £136.50 Lakeland 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Best Gas Barbecues 

Cadac Safari Chef 2

 Colapz - Safari Chef 2

You don’t often hear of a negative BBQ experience with a Cadac. The Safari Chef is an entire cooking system in one small, portable grill, this is a brilliant addition to your camping kitchen. You build it in layers – starting with the gas-powered burner on its tripod stand first, followed by a tray and finally the grill that fits on top. It comes with a griddle insert and a smooth grill option. Both surfaces provide the ability to griddle, fry and sauté. The lid doubles as a cooking pot and there’s a pot stand included for boiling a kettle. It weighs just under 4kg, which makes it suitable for most campers. The Safari comes in a handy case, ideal for keeping it clean and packed away. It is available in a high and low-pressure version, depending on the gas canisters you prefer to use.

How Much: £99 Offer Price Go Outdoors 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Cobb Premium Gas

Colapz Premium Gas 

South African Cobb offer tough and durable BBQ’s fuelled by gas or charcoal. This offering is light, easy to use and dependable. It takes up limited space – around 50cm in width, height and length – and gets up to heat quickly. It is perfect for BBQ’s on your pitch with a few friends or family members. At 5kg, it’s heavier than some of its competitors. The only drawback is that the real potential of Cobb’s cooking system comes with its many accessories, for example, the pizza stone and the frying pan. The added extras could soon push the price up beyond the means of many.

How Much: £229 Compass24 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Campingaz Party Grill 600 Compact 

Colapz - Campingaz Party Grill

Ideal for larger groups or longer trips away, the Party Grill 600 is a powerful and versatile stove that offers campers a large cooking surface in a compact package. Featuring a powerful 4,000W burner and legs to bring the stove up to the perfect cooking height, the Party Grill 600 makes cooking in the great outdoors easy. Offering users a range of different cooking surfaces, the Party Grill features extra-large pan supports which can accommodate family-sized pans, a cooking grid for barbecuing, and a reversible grid/griddle. Lighting the stove is quick and easy in all weathers thanks to integrated piezo ignition while an integrated water compartment collects fat for easy cleaning after use. All components pack away into its lockable lid, making it easy to carry. The Party Grill 600 is powered by Campingaz® refillable R904 and R907 cylinders and hose and regulator for outstanding fuel economy and long run times (not supplied).

How Much: £129.99 Leisure Outlet 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Best Electric Barbecue 

Swiss Luxx Teppanyaki XL


Colapz - Swiss Luxx

Perfect for your caravan or motorhome, the Swiss Luxx Teppanyaki Grill is a great option for cooking outdoors. With a cooking area of 435 x 230mm it is ideal for entertaining the whole family, plus your friends!

Delivering an output of 1500w, it offers plenty of performance for versatile cooking! The grill features a non-stick coating for stress free cooking and making this unit extremely easy to clean. It comes with a removable drip tray and five thermostat settings.

How Much: £29.99 Prima Leisure 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

MisterChef® Multi Cooker


Colapz - Misterchef

MisterChef offers a large and versatile multi-cooker and is great for creating a huge range of delicious meals. Suitable for frying, stewing, poaching, stir-frying and boiling, this multi-cooker really is the essential kitchen tool. The multicooker has a non-stick surface, meaning that very little cooking oil is needed with each use, it is like an electric non-stick frying pan.

The temperature control dial couldn’t be easier to use, and the transparent lid is there to help you keep an eye on the cooking process. 

Highly versatile, the light-duty electric multi-cooker allows you to easily and quickly fry, bake, stew and boil a huge variety of food. Whether you’re making a traditional Bolognese sauce or delicious chicken fajitas, the multicooker can do it all. Once you’ve finished, the multipan is effortless to clean and stores away easily due to its compact size.

How Much: £19.99 Amazon 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Cadac E-Braai BBQ 

Colapz - Cadac ebraai

This is a compact electric BBQ from Cadac known best for their gas BBQ’S. Get that authentic BBQ taste without the hassle thanks to the E-Braai Electric BBQ. In a compact design, the E-Braai doesn’t sacrifice quality. Quick to heat with a range from 70 to 270, you can whip up a quick meal or take things slowly for a variety of dishes. With usability in mind, the hood doubles as a windshield and triples as a splash back for a completely functional culinary experience. That said, with 2300W of output and weighing 8kg it may be on the limit so some campers.

How Much: £219 Go Outdoors 

(currently May '21 at time of publishing)

Keep an eye out for..... 

Colapz - BBQ

Colapz are also on a mission to introduce a collapsible BBQ which not only saves space, but is cool looking, weighs very little and performs like a dream! It will not be easy competing with these established BBQ brands, but we are keen to include a BBQ that compliments our current range of products and as customers look to expand their collection of Colapz products.  Here is a sneak preview…..

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