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Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
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Invented in the UK
Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Invented in the UK
Top 6 Christmas Stocking Fillers From Colapz

Top 6 Christmas Stocking Fillers From Colapz

With less than four weeks until Christmas, it is time to start thinking about presents for your caravan, motorhome and camper friends and family. 

In this blog we give you six top stocking filler ideas that make ideal presents!

Top Stocking Fillers

Colapz Flexi-Pipe Trunk

The Colapz Trunk is an exciting bit of kit that solves an issue many campers have when they go to fill up their water containers. Either the tap is too far away from the container, it has fittings that are not compatible, or they are difficult to work with your existing filling tubes. Nine times out of ten, most people end up getting wet feet as they try to fill the water containers from the site tap. The Trunk fits securely over the tap and directs the water straight in to the water container with no spillage or mess.

The kit includes a one metre expandable blue flexi-pipe, adjustable silicone trunk and a handy storage bag. These are all made from food grade materials. The food grade flexi-pipe expands from 50cm to 100cm and will fit water container openings which are bigger than 32mm. The Trunk is easy to set-up. Simply attach to a tap, fill your water container and pack it away in the handy storage bag. It's so simple, it can even be done with one hand! 

So, no more splashes or spills at the campsite taps, and walking away looking very embarrassed and wet! Such a simple but effective solution to an age old problem.

Price £15

Collapsible Travel Mug

The collapsible travel mug is made from food grade silicone making it ideal for your favourite hot or cold beverages. It can be used as a bowl to eat from too. The mug is available in four Colapz colours - blue, green red and grey.

When opened the cup measures 97mm x 97mm and can hold up to 350ml of whatever liquid or food you choose.

The collapsible travel mug with lid is the perfect travel companion for your morning brew when on the go. You can take your tea, coffee or hot chocolate with you.

The leak proof lid means it's ideal for eating soups and noodles.

The small lightweight design allows it to fit easily into a camping kit, with the built in carabiner allowing the mug to be hung from hiking backpacks or normal rucksacks.

You can team the mug with our matching colour 7in1 Travel Cutlery Set available here or our combo set (7in1 & Coffee Cup)  available here.

Price £12

7-in-1 Travel Cutlery

Whether it's your next big camping adventure or the daily commute to the office, the 7-in-1Travel Cutlery is the perfect travel utensil set. Containing all the essential cooking and dinning tools you will need for your next camping trip, picnic, hike or simply tucking into your lunchbox at the office.

The 7-in-1 is a lightweight space saving design. It incorporates a spoon, fork, chopsticks, serrated knife, butter knife, serving tongs and bottle opener. It is made from a toughened lightweight food grade plastic that is 100% safe for eating and can withstand up to 200 degrees, making them ideal for cooking! 

The included pouch not only stores your 7-in-1 cutlery set but doubles up a handy cleaning cloth. All utensils can be easily cleaned and stored after use. The Colapz 7-in-1is available in the four distinctive Colapz colours -grey, green, blue and red. 

You can read a recent review by blogger Markus Gründel to find out more about the 7-in-1.

Price £10

Colapz Collapsible Twin Bowls

Take your dogs on the road with this completely integrated pack of collapsible bowls that you can carry with you anywhere you go. The bowls are ideal for those holidays or journeys where you can’t leave your furry friends behind, but you can’t bring all their favourite equipment along either. With a bowl for food and a bowl for water, you can make them happy while making life easier for you.

These collapsible bowls have been designed with your pet in mind. They come in an integrated carry case which is both durable and easy to hook onto something so you don’t lose it. You can easily remove the bowls from the case, meaning that cleaning isn’t a problem! As for the bowls themselves, they’re made from food-grade, non-toxic silicone, making them safe for dogs, cats and all other animals. Best of all, the bowls are height adjustable – making them suitable for both small and bigger dogs.

Here are the key facts you might want to know about our bowls;

  • Pack of 2, made from NON-TOXIC materials
  • Ensures your dog can enjoy food and water safely
  • Durable FDA grade silicone that’s built to last
  • Comes with an integrated carry case with hanging hook
  • Chunky durable zipper with Colapz branded zip pull
  • Height adjustable to suit different sized dogs
  • Removable bowls for easy cleaning after use
  • Available in blue, green and grey
  • Dimensions: 15cm diameter x 7cm high
  • Perfect for holidays, long journeys and walks

Price £13

Portable Dog Water bottle and Poop Bag Holder

Here is another pet related stocking filler to consider. The very popular dog water bottle, now with an added poop bag holder. Perfect for when you are out and about with your dog, this versatile water & food bottle is perfect for those daily walks, or when you are away on holiday. 

The bottle has been designed with your pet in mind. They come with an integrated food grade silicone leaf which hugs the bottle when not in use and then folds out in one piece to create the perfect bowl for dispensing the water, or dry dog food, from the bottle. 

It comes with a handy plastic clip that allows you to attach it to a bag or your trouser belt loop whilst on the move. It is both durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect accessory for any dog lover! 

The bottle is dishwasher safe for cleaning and includes a matching colour poop bag holder. You can choose from blue, green or grey colours. The bottle is 210mm high and 90mm in diameter and has a 570ml capacity. The bottle can be used along with our Collapsible dog bowls.

Price £15

Colapz Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Colapz gift card.

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. With a Colapz gift card the recipient can choose their own great product to make life easier when away camping, caravanning or motorhoming. Gift cards start at £10!

Price from £10


No matter what you choose to give as a gift this year, the most important thing is you enjoy time with your family and friends.

The Colapz team would like to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas and thank you all for your support in 2021. We look forward to the coming year ahead and whatever 2022 brings us. Hopefully we will see many of you at shows throughout the year.

Whatever your Christmas and New Year plans are, have a good one!

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