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Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
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Invented in the UK
Free Shipping on Orders Over £50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Invented in the UK
Top 6 Colapz Christmas Gifts

Top 6 Colapz Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming and it is that time of year again that many of us dread. What do you buy for family and friends? That is a good question, if they are keen campers, caravanners, motor-homers, or van lifers then we have you covered.

In this blog we will look at six top gifts to add to your shopping list.

Top 6 Gifts

Colapz 12v Portable Shower 

Top 6 Colapz Christmas Gifts

The Colapz portable shower runs off a 12v rechargeable battery, which gives up to one hours continuous flow from one charge. 

The shower is ideal for campers who don’t have their own onboard facilities. If you are camping you can use it to wash off your dishes without having to wait at the shared wash facilities on site.

You can use it to wash your dog after a muddy walk or douse them down on a hot day. In winter it is ideal for rinsing muddy boots and paws before going back inside your caravan or motorhome.

You can use the shower to rinse off your caravan or camper if you have washed it on-site, or at the storage yard. All you need is fresh water and the shower will give you a good flow for rinsing.

You can combine the Colapz shower with a utility bucket bag to make a shower kit. There is a choice of 16 litre or 32 litre bag capacity. Both will provide plenty of water for showers. You can fill the bucket bag with warm water too, so you don’t have to shower with cold water.

The bucket bag has carry handles to make taking it to and from the water tap easier. When not in use it folds flat and takes up almost no room at all.

Colapz Fresh Mini Full Kit

Top 6 Colapz Christmas Gifts

The Fresh Mini is for use on a serviced pitch, that being a pitch where you have your own water tap. The Fresh Mini is usually used with caravans, or motorhomes, in conjunction with a water pump. It can be used as a freestanding water source for camping. It is a collapsible 8 litre vessel which is capable of holding fresh water. This is fed directly from the water tap on your pitch via a 7.5 metre food grade hose. The hose is part of the kit, along with connectors and a ball valve. The Fresh Mini replaces your bulky rigid water vessel and eliminates that issue of where to store it when not in use. If you use serviced pitches then this kit will save you space and weight, giving you more payload.

The Fresh Mini comes in a handy carry bag and weighs less than 1kg. There are easy to follow instructions and it will take only a few minutes to assemble it. The hose pipe connects to the water tap on your serviced pitch and this feeds in to the Fresh Mini vessel. The ball valve works to stop the flow of water once the Mini is full. Your water pump then feeds in to the top of the vessel to draw water for your leisure vehicle. The wide opening means it is compatible with Whale and Truma pumps. It can also be used by tenters and campers who can draw water from it without a pump by adding the tap to make it a water dispenser.

Top 6 Colapz Christmas Gifts

The Fresh Mini comes with a tap and there is also an optional small stand. It can be used for filling dog bowls, kettles, pans or bowls with water. It can also be used as a bucket for carrying water and a watering can spout is also available.

The Fresh Mini can be used throughout the year when paired with the insulation jacket, available separately. The insulation jacket protects the Fresh Mini from the cold in winter and keeps it cooler in summer. 

flexi pipe

Flexi Pipe Trunk Kit

The Trunk, as it is affectionately known, is a new addition to our range for 2020. The Trunk attaches to any outside tap and ensures that water is directed from the tap directly in to your water vessel or carrier. The strap passes over the tap to secure it in place, leaving you with both hands free. The Flexi pipe extends up to a metre in length thus allowing you to reach buckets on the floor and even motorhome fill points. The plastic is food grade to ensure safe drinking water too.

The benefit of the Trunk is that it controls and directs the water and prevents sodden legs and feet from lively and unpredictable campsite taps. 

Flexi Pipe Kit

The Flexi Pipe Kit needs little introduction, since its launch it has been a best seller. The kit consists of four Flexi pipes which concertina together when not is use. This makes them compact and easy to transport. They extend out to one metre in length each and when put together make four metres. You can buy additional pieces to extend the total length, or opt for the eight metre kit. The Flexi Pipes are designed for use on a serviced pitch.

The pipes are ideal for use with a motorhome if you need to extend the reach of your waste water outlet to a drainage point. A Flexi Pipe and adapter will be all you need to make emptying your waste water much easier.   

Colapz Utility Bag 

The Colapz Utility Bag is an accessory that has been with us from the start. Year on year it is a popular product that is in high demand. The utility bag is available in a 16 or 35 litre volume and folds completely flat when not being used. The utility bag is available in blue, green or grey so you can colour match it to other Colapz products. The utility bag is ideal for storing dirty washing or wet towels as it is completely waterproof. You can use it to carry and hold water to use with the portable shower. The uses for the bag go on and on.    

Colapz Dog Bowls and Water Bottle

Many of us that go camping and touring have pets. Most sites welcome dogs and plenty of people take their cats along too.

Here at Colapz we too are dog lovers and this motivated us to design some pet friendly products. 

dog bowls

We recommend our collapsible food bowl set for feeding and watering you pet when away. They are light weight, collapsible and come in a carry case. They are made from non-toxic silicone to make them pet safe and they are height adjustable.

The versatile water & food bottle is perfect for those daily walks or when you are away on holiday. The bottle holds 570ml of water, dog biscuits or treats, and is made from 100% food safe materials. The sleek bottle has an integrated food grade silicone leaf which hugs the bottle. When in use this then folds out in one piece to create the perfect bowl for dispensing water, or dry dog food. It also comes with a handy plastic clip that allows you to attach it to a bag or your trouser belt loop whilst on the move. 

water and food bowls

If you are still unsure about which is the best gift to pick then buy a gift card. That way your favourite family member can choose their own Colapz gift.

From all of us here at Colapz, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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