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Top 10 Camping and Caravanning New Year Resolutions 2021

Top 10 Camping and Caravanning New Year Resolutions 2021

New year 2021

The new year is here and as we head in to 2021 it is time to set some goals for the year ahead. Although we don’t know what lies ahead, that is no reason not to plan.

Now is the time to prepare your own list of camping and caravanning resolutions, and help make this your best camping year ever.


We would all like to spend more time on the campsite and with some planning you can make this happen. Whilst the start of 2021 may be uncertain, look forward to later in the year and make some plans. Don’t forget, plans can always be changed if needed. Try and get yourself and your family out as much as you can. To do this make some plans for weekends throughout the year that you will devote to a trip away. When that weekend arrives commit yourself to going away, don’t be tempted to stay at home instead. Start planning your family holidays in advance, research some great campsites and places to stay. It might be that you set a target for the number of nights you have away in 2021. The most important thing is you make the most of your time off and spend it with friends and family.


It’s tempting to spend all your time sitting in your awning, on your pitch or outside the tent, glass-in-hand and relaxing. Most of us go away for some rest and relaxation, however, there’s lots you can do in or around a campsite. Keeping active is important for our general health and well-being. There’s no reason why we cannot balance moderate activity with food and drink. Whilst away there are various activities you can enjoy from the campsite. 

These include cycling and mountain biking, surfing, kayaking and walking. All are relatively inexpensive, easy to master and good fun for all the family. If these sound too active then consider fishing or birdwatching, you don’t have to go mad to keep active. 

Top 10 Camping and Caravanning New Year Resolutions 2021


We’ve all got places and campsites we like to go back to. The familiarity of a campsite and local area can make your holiday much easier. That said, there are literally thousands of new places for us to explore. Why not make a resolution to visit a new place, somewhere you have never been? It might be a new place in the UK, or a trip further afield to Europe. 


We discover the type of site we like through our trips away and many of us have our favourite sites to return to. In 2021 why not try a different type of campsite?

It might be you usually stay at large commercial sites, with entertainment, restaurants and vast facilities. Make a resolution to book a certified site or location instead. These small five pitch sites may offer a whole new experience that you actually quite enjoy. If you are a couple why not try an adult only site. You can visit the Tranquil Parks website and find some of the best adult only sites in the UK. 


Camping and caravanning is a great summer activity, but it’s something that can be enjoyed all year round. Taking your tent out in winter can be an exciting experience, if you have the right equipment. You don’t have to camp in a blizzard to enjoy the climate and wildlife. Make sure you have the right kit and you’ll be prepared when the temperature drops.

Caravanning in winter is a great experience, with modern insulation and heating you won’t be cold. On a nice day you can still get the Cadac out for a cooked breakfast. Some sites allow fire pits and camp fires, perfect for a cold winter evening.


Most of us are guilty of having too much equipment! Our sheds and garages are crammed full of tents, awnings, water carriers, tables and chairs. Even with all this stuff you can never find the bit of kit you are looking for. Start 2021 with a good clear out of the equipment you no longer use. You can advertise these items on eBay or Facebook and let another family get the benefit of them. Any money you make from the sale can go towards campsite fees and holidays in 2021. 

If your equipment is beyond use then consider recycling or up-cycling it before disposing of it.


While some of us buy new tents to keep up with the latest models, some of us hang on to our favourite tent like an old relative. There have been many developments in recent years that an upgrade might be a good idea for 2021. You can use a tent buying guide to decide what suits your needs best and find a replacement. The 2021 tents are available online and in shops so start looking now to find the ideal one for you.


Campsites provide great facilities like toilets, electric hook up and running water, but wild camping gives you something else. It offers a back to nature experience and takes us back to basics. Wild camping is allowed in most of Scotland and on Dartmoor in Devon, but is technically illegal elsewhere in England and Wales without the landowner's consent. Once you’ve got that permission, find a discreet place to pitch your tent.

You can go off-grid at some certified locations and sites, where they offer nothing but a patch of grass. Many of these sites offer the safety and legality of a campsite stay but without facilities. For around £5 a night you can enjoy a back to basics stay in your tent or caravan. 

 Camping -  New Year Resolutions 2021


Your tent or caravan holiday might be the best thing since sliced bread for you, but do you have a friend who hates it. In 2021 make it your goal to get them camping, or caravanning, and see if you can convert them. Most people don’t like it because of a terrible camping memory from their childhood. To be honest many of us have one of those, a cold and wet tent won’t win anyone over. Persuade you friend to join you on a camping trip and show them the fun it can be, with outdoor cooking, great campfire chat and a good laugh. Camping and caravanning is certainly a social activity and they will soon see what they are missing.


BBQ - Camping Colapz 2021

You don’t need to be Gino D’Acampo to create an amazing meal when you’re away on site. Some of us may have more natural flair than others, but don’t be put off cooking. There’s nothing like firing up a charcoal or gas BBQ on your pitch and creating some family favourites. For 2021 make a resolution to create a new signature dish. It might be a mega burger, sticky ribs or satay chicken. There’s plenty of inspiration out there so happy meal planning!

These are just ten ideas to help you plan a camping themed resolution for 2021. Whether you pick one for several it doesn’t matter, the main thing is you achieve it and enjoy it. All the best for 2021 from the Colapz team! 

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