Space-Saving Gardens

Space-Saving Gardens

Even if you have no outside space at all, gardening can be a part of your life. Here are some quick tips to save space and enjoy gardening in the concrete jungle.

CRACKING IDEA Lovely cute little garden idea, these realistic ceramic eggs are great for small plants to brighten up your city flat. They can stay in the Eggling for up to five months, then you can transplant to a larger pot. Ten varieties are available: basil, mint, thyme, chrysanthemum, phlox, petunia, lavender, cactus, red pepper and wild strawberry.

POT POUCHES This is an easy way to grow your own herbs without the need for a greenhouse or exotic herb garden. This is the Pocket Garden range of organic herbs and plants all in a leakproof bag. Cut open the top, water and watch your plants grow. The pouch makes it easy to squeeze into a tiny corner of a windowsill, indoors or out.

SIT ON THE FENCE Why waste that balcony space when you can add these beautiful bridge planters. This straddles a railing or fence so that you can place a pot where it's not wide enough to stand. Measuring 30cm in diameter by 27cm, it has two stabilisers so that it balances perfectly, plus two drainage holes.

VERTICAL GARDEN Ok so you don't have enough floor space for a garden, that is fair enough, so why not garden upwards?Create your own tower of flowers, fruit, herbs and veg with Suttons ‘Mini G not garden' planter. It's a versatile container system so you can also line the three layers up, or even buy two and stack on top of each other. There's also an ‘underpot' so you can use it indoors without fear of staining the carpet.

Finally, we would like to add our beautiful collapsable watering can/bucket. This is ideal for branching out to a small shared allotment, perfect space saver with an easy and fashionable design. <

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