Shooting The new: Out In Nottinghamshire

Shooting The new: Out In Nottinghamshire

A couple of weeks ago we decided to enjoy the last bit of summer and went out to shoot some brand new photos for our website and the upcoming campaign.

With the Artfeeder team we headed out to Nottinghamshire and with some young and not so young models, we made our most recent photoshoot. Here are some of the great snapshots we have and that we will be using during this season.

After such hard work, we would like to thank Nikki, from the gift shop in Southwell A Fly Went By, who was extremely generous in letting us use her house for some of the shots in the garden. We would also like to thank Hailey at All Mine Cakes, a Nottingham-based bakery focused on delicious homemade treats and cakes, for lending us her gorgeous vintage VW camper called Little Pudding.

If you are around Nottinghamshire we totally recommend you to walk by these two stores and discover the amazing products they offer. Meanwhile, we are waiting for autumn to completely settle and watching the leaves change colour.

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