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National Days in September: Fun or Fad?

National Days in September: Fun or Fad?

As we head in to September the fun of summer seems to be disappearing, along with the good weather. Why don’t you celebrate some of the fun national Days throughout the month to keep your spirits up. In this blog we will take a closer look at some of these days and ask are they fun or a fad?

What are National Days?

Technically, national days are American, which will be no surprise to many of us. Some National Days are a genuine observance of an event, whilst others are simply made up for fun. How much seriousness you put on these days is up to you, but it can be fun joining in on social media to see what other people are doing to mark the day.

What are the days in September?

September is filled with National Days, many of them pointless but some do hold genuine meaning.

5th September Cheese Pizza Day 

There aren’t many of us that don’t like pizza, I am sure we can all get involved in this one. You could make pizzas at home, with your favourite toppings, or head out for a family meal to a restaurant. Which is your favourite pizza topping? We would opt for a BBQ chicken pizza with a stuffed crust! If you are vegan then Asda do a great “make your own” service in their stores.

Colapz September fun cheese pizza

9th September Grandparent’s Day 

Dating back to 1978, and yes an American tradition, this is a lovely thought. Why not make a special call to a grandparent to let them know you are thinking about them. Many Grandparents will have missed visits from family during the pandemic, make them feel special for the day. You could bake them some cupcakes or make them a card to post or deliver.

11th September Make Your Bed Day

No doubt many of you do this everyday but for those who don’t (me included) why not make a special effort for a day!

Colapz September fun bed

12th September Chocolate Milk Shake Day

The first milkshake was made in 1885 and they have been going strong ever since. How would you celebrate this one? It could be a homemade milkshake with chocolate ice cream or a frothy Nesquik shake.

13th September Positive Thinking Day

We all need some of this sometimes and in recent months it has been hard to remain positive. Set this day aside to think positive and share that positivity with others.

16th September National Women’s Friendship Day

This is one for the ladies, take time out to spend time with your special female friends. It might be a FaceTime or a coffee at Costa. Whatever you do, take time to spend it with friends.

18th September National Cheeseburger Day

We had to include this one, obviously! Celebrate at home or with a meal out and enjoy your favourite burger. It doesn’t have to be a visit to McDonalds, you could make these at home with lean mince, maybe even the healthier option of ground turkey mince. Make sure you share your burgers on social media!

Colapz September fun cheese burger

21st September  World Gratitude Day

Started in 1965, this is your day to say thank you and show your gratitude. It might be a thank you to your family, friends or even someone who serves you everyday in a shop. Making someone feel valued can mean a lot to them. You could write them a card, send an email or buy a small gift for someone special.

28th September  Ask a Stupid Question Day

Some say there is no such thing as a stupid question, I think that in itself is questionable. However, it is certainly more stupid not to ask the question at all. On this day you can legitimately ask all the stupid questions you have.

28th September  National Good Neighbour Day

If you don’t want to ask a stupid question then you could be a good neighbour instead. Many of us will have neighbours who have been self isolating, perhaps spend ten minutes chatting to them over the fence or from the pavement. Isolation is very hard on people and your neighbour may just appreciate that you took the time to care.

Colapz September fun neighbour

Will you take part?

Now you know the National Days, will you be taking part in any of them? We like the Cheese Burger Day and the Good Neighbour Day. It looks like September could be a busy month after all. Whatever you decide to celebrate make sure you enjoy yourselves!

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