Introducing Our New Liquid Carrier

Introducing Our New Liquid Carrier

Looking for a nifty solution to carry your water while you’re camping?  Your search is over: Meet the new Colapz Liquid Carrier.

When you’re camping or at a festival, you have to pack savvy. Space is at a premium and if you want to carry water across the campsite (or mix a few cheeky cocktails in an easy to store container) then the last thing you want is to have to bring endless plastic buckets or containers. Problem solved!

This summer meet the newest member of the Colapz product range, the liquid carrier. Carrying 9 litres of any cold liquid it comes complete with a dispensing tap and level indicator. It’s easy to store once you’ve finished with it, simply twist it down flat.

Coming in Colapz’s striking range of seven colours, from Lime Green to Funky Purple and Sunshine Yellow the carrier is designed to make life a little easier. Use it for camping or caravanning, carrying water for cooking or washing. Use it at a Barbecue or Garden Party, make cocktails at a festival and share amongst your friends before you head to see the bands, take it to the beach, go on a road trip or just keep your refreshments chilled.

The Colapz Liquid Carrier is designed to last, it’s hard wearing so even after the last swallow has left the shores for warmer climes, you know your storage saver will survive. Order it here Write a review here

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