Going 'Down Under'

Going 'Down Under'

We are thrilled to announce Colapz is going 'down under where the women glow and men plunder'. That’s right. If you have the song in your head then you know we are talking about Australia.

After long meetings and conversations with our new partners, you will be able to find our amazing collapsible products at Independence Studios, a great houseware wholesaler based in Sydney. Our new partner has been around in Australia since 1987 and specializes in bringing the best and most original design to Australian and New Zealander customers. One of our favourite things about IS is the fact that five percent of all profits are donated to the less fortunate in their region.

This exciting news for us is also an amazing opportunity to tell you that despite we only have UK shipping at the moment, you can get your own Colapz products in Australia. Be the first to buy our products and let us know how you are livin' in a land down under where Colapz wonders!

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