Creating The Perfect Container Garden

Creating The Perfect Container Garden

When you haven't got much space, planning a garden can feel like a pipe dream. Making collapsible garden products, like a watering can and buckets we know you have to box clever when space is at a premium. There's no reason why, just because you've got a courtyard, balcony or even a window ledge, that you can't enjoy a micro-garden. This is when containers come into their own. Allowing you to plant pots and boxes that will add colour and shape to brighten up even the smallest space.

Start by picking the planter you want. It could be a large box or you could go for ceramic pots. If you haven't got soil or compost then you need to go out and buy it. Remember, the soil is one thing you shouldn't scrimp on. If all the nutrients your plants will get are coming from the bag you're buying then get the good stuff, rather than the cheapest bag you can find. You'll need some plant food, liquid or capsule and you'll have to have something to water the plants (obviously we're going to suggest a Colapz watering can at this point!)

Think about what you want to plant. It's about structure and height. You want something tall, something quite thickset to add depth and a trailing plant for colour and shape. Search the web for some inspiration. If you like bright colours or stones, or even want to have separate containers for herbs and some for flowers know what you're planting. A variety of containers will add different shapes and colours and it's easier for you to move plants around into different parts of the garden when you need to.

Fill your planter with soil half the way up. Then start to plant. The tall plant should be at the back, trialling at the front. Ensure each has enough space to spread. Add more soil until it reaches the top and then feed and water the plants. You want to feed them once a week. A liquid feed means you can add it to the watering can and do it with your regular watering.

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