Compact Living Life Hacks

Compact Living Life Hacks

Saving space for some of us is second nature, especially people living in busy cities such as London. So we appreciate compact living and saving space any way we can. Whether you’re a student living in a studio or just working in the city living in an apartment, saving space whilst having a stylish, practical home is essential. So we have collected the very best innovative (and practical) saving space life hacks that are out there.

#1 Magnetised Spice Jars – Ever just never known where to put all your spices that you’ve collected over the years. Well, the magnetised spice jars pretty much stick to every magnetic surface/wall, say goodbye to the chunky spice rack that’s been taking too much room in your kitchen and hello to more space!

#2 Under the Cabinet Drawers - These days we pretty much look for anywhere and everywhere to store items. A great way to use space but still make sure everything is still easy to find is the under cabinet drawers that pretty much fit under any cabinet’s whether in your kitchen or in your bedroom this great hack comes in handy all over the house.

#3 Wooden Sofa Wrap – This is more for the city folk with the apartments and flats, saves tons of space as a coffee table isn't needed. This wooden wrap basically sits on the arm of your sofa and you can place drinks and food on it, exactly what a table does!

#4 Shoe Storing Ottoman – If you’re anything like the majority then shoes is a real problem, way too many and no storage space which means finding inconvenient spaces that don’t exactly look great either. In fact, any spare space that's found is filled with shoes, shoes and more shoes. This is a great way to keep them in a compact space that can double up as a footrest, and the size of the ottoman depends on how many shoes you need storage for, for me, it would have to be a pretty big one.

#5 Balconzept- This super stylish practical product oozes sophistication, developed by Rephorm Haus this functional design can add more space to any balcony.

#6 Colapz Bucket – Ok, you knew it was coming but we saved the best for last. From storing your children’s toys to hanging some flowers on your balcony the possibilities with this product is endless and hangs up pretty much anywhere saving bucket loads of space!

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