Colapz Fresh Mini (Serviced Pitches)

Colapz Fresh Mini (Serviced Pitches)

With more and more of us enjoying serviced pitches on sites, Colapz have developed a space saving piece of kit to use on them, the Colapz Fresh Mini. 

What is the Fresh Mini and why do you need it? In this blog we will answer this question.


What is the Fresh Mini? 

Essentially, it is a collapsible 8 litre vessel which is capable of holding fresh water. This is fed directly from the water tap on your pitch via a 7.5 metre food grade hose. The hose is part of the kit, along with connectors and a ball valve. The Fresh Mini is designed to replace your bulky rigid water vessel and eliminates that issue of where to store it when not in use. If you use serviced pitches then this kit will save you space and weight giving you more payload.


How do I use my Fresh Mini?

The Fresh Mini comes in a handy carry bag and weighs less than 1kg. There are easy to follow instructions and it will take only a few minutes to assemble it. The hose pipe connects to the water tap on your serviced pitch and this feeds in to the Fresh Mini vessel. The ball valve works to stop the flow of water once the Mini is full. Your water pump then feeds in to the top of the vessel to draw water for your leisure vehicle. The wide opening means it is compatible with Whale and Truma pumps. It can also be used by tenters and campers who can draw water from it without a pump by adding the tap to make it a water dispenser.


What else can I use it for?

The Fresh Mini comes with a small stand and a tap. It can be used for filling dog bowls, kettles, pans or bowls with water. It can also be used as a bucket for carrying water and a watering can spout is also available.

The Fresh Mini can be used throughout the year when paired with the insulation jacket, available separately. The insulation jacket protects the Fresh Mini from the cold in winter and keeps it cooler in summer.


Why do I need it?

The Fresh Mini will save you space and weight and, as it is not a direct water feed to your leisure vehicle, it will ensure water is cut off at the ball valve. It is made from premium food grade materials which are UV resistant and the vessel is frost-proof. The Fresh Mini will make using serviced pitches easy as everything is in one kit, which packs away neatly.


We asked Karina, of Here We Tow, what she thought of her Fresh Mini and she told us;

When my Fresh Mini arrived I was really surprised at how compact and light it was. I tried my new kit out at Love2stay. It was easy to set up and the instructions were clear. My main concerns were, firstly, would the 7.5 metre hose be long enough to reach the tap at the back of the pitch. I found the hose was plenty long enough, even with our long caravan. I also wanted to find out if the 8 litre vessel capacity would deliver enough water flow, as I like to shower in the caravan. There was no issue at all with the flow and I was able to shower as usual. The Fresh Mini packed away easily back in to the carry bag and took up much less room than our water carrier. If you use serviced pitches and don't have much locker space this is ideal. I'm very pleased with my Fresh Mini and would recommend it”.

If you wish to find out more about the Fresh Mini click “here”.


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