The Fun In The Rainbow

The Fun In The Rainbow

Wouldn’t you be happy if you lived in the middle of a refreshing and fun rainbow? Inspired by this wonderful phenomena we decided to design our range of products in the same range of the rainbow.

The seven colours of the rainbow are the seven colours you find in our products From Funky purple to Sunshine Yellow, explore with us the fun in each. The bright and bold colours not only show who you are but also keep in mind the functionality and the use of our buckets and watering cans. Lost your boring watering can somewhere? Not anymore!

Are you passionate, energetic or your friends tell you how happy you are? Then you might like our Sunshine Yellow, Hot Red, Candy Pink and Juicy Orange colours. However, if you like to take a deep breath, relax in nature and keep calm, maybe the Lime Green, Funky Purple or Aqua Blue might be the ones for you.

If you think that using colour is only for the brave and bold ones, think twice and consider splashing some extra colours to your petunias, your car or anywhere you might go with your Colapz products. After you look through these images, you might end up turning your home into a version of your own technicolour dream.

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