20 Reasons Why Colapz Is Your Camping Friend

20 Reasons Why Colapz Is Your Camping Friend

There are many things you need to have a successful camping trip. While we agree with #CampingwithDogs, our new favourite Instagram feed, that a four-legged friend is a vital ingredient, we can't help but think that Colapz is too. So we've listed all the uses of Colapz products that will make your camping trip so much easier!

1. Colapz products flatten down, so you save on packing space.

2. As well as storing flat they have a handy tie to you simply attach to your rucksack.

3. Don't forget that the less space they take up means more tent room!

4. A bucket is invaluable when you're camping. Carry water across the campsite and enjoy our easy handle for fewer spills.

5. Or use the 10L capacity to mix cocktails.

6. Or carry other products in it, how about food, beer or toys?

7. Failing that you can use our liquid carrier. It has a 9L storage capacity and is safe for carrying cold liquids.

8. The liquid carrier is also made from food grade materials so it's safe to carry food around.

9. Our products are frost proof so if you're a hardy soul camping in winter at least your Colapz product won't crack!

10. Use a 2in1 for a bucket and a watering can. You can totally use a watering can as a shower.

11. How about going foraging, a bucket/watering can / will make it easier for you to carry back what you find.

12. Or to carry firewood.

13. The two in one is electronically welded for extra strength so it's pretty hardy.

14. Plus all the parts store in the lid so you won't lose them outdoors.

15. That handy tie can be used to tie up your products inside the tent too.

16. The bright colours make it much harder to lose them anyway!

17. Our products are made from recyclable plastic, so you're not harming the environment.

18. Kids love them because they're bright, fun and colourful so what might seem like a chore while camping actually becomes fun!

19. The 2in1 is under £30 so much cheaper than most of your camping gear!

20. You don't need to pack them away with your camping gear when you get home. Use them in the garden or around the house; practical, usable and useful! Picture by Ali Johnston @alijphotos

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