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Trudgfest 2018

These days there seems to be a festival for most things, so when popular YouTube vlogger, Dan Trudgian mentioned he had set a date for the very first caravan and motorhome festival, we thought what an excellent idea.  TRUDGFEST was born and the date was set for 30th...

Long weekend at the CAMC National Event

We finally managed to set off on our adventures for a long weekend in the Bailey Autograph 68-2.  Originally, we had planned to head South towards Devon, but the lure of an invite to The National held on the 24th to 29th May 2018 in Yorkshire was too tempting to...

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Need Regular Baths

Dogs might be furry, cuddly blankets (or footwarmers, depending on the size), but there’s no denying that some of these four-legged creatures need bathing more regularly than others. If you’re wondering whether you might need to indulge in a dog shower or bath every...

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Our cleverly collapsible products help you save space, and while you’re at it, save the world a little too. Made from flexible, eco-friendly material.

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