COLAPZ 3in1 (Watering Can - Bucket - Water Carrier)

Can't decide between our beautiful bucket, wonderful watering can or fantastic water carrier? Get the 3in1. Bright, bold and incredibly practical, the 3in1 twists down flat and stays that way. If you want to Colapz your watering can, just pop off the rose and spout, click them into the base and hang it all up, ready for next time. 

Please note: The tap does not have a specific storage location in the base, as we have taken the current 2in1 and included the tap as an optional part, making it a 3in1. We are hoping to introduce a newer version in 2018 which will have an amended base to allow the tap to be stored.  In the meantime, the tap for the current design can actually be stored inside the container when not in use.  

    • 7L capacity (Watering Can) 
    • 8L capacity (Bucket & Water Carrier)
    • Safe for carrying food and drink.
    • Made from recyclable plastic.
    • UV resistant – won’t dry out or fade in summer.
    • Frost proof – won’t crack in winter.
    • Non-marking, long-lasting materials.
    • Electronically welded joints for extra strength.
    • All the watering can parts store in the base, so you dont lose them.
    • Full size: H27 x W22 x L22cm.
    • Collapsed size: H9 x W22 x L22cm.

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