Collapsible Fresh Mini Kit

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  • INCLUDES FREE INSULATING JACKET (WORTH £20) – total saving £30!
  • Perfect for caravan, motorhome, campervan and tent users on SERVICED PITCHES
  • Wide opening in lid to fit Truma and Whale water pumps
  • Mini ball valve for use on serviced pitches
  • Folding stand to lift it off the surface
  • Separate tap, so it can be used as a water dispenser
  • Includes a cap, so it can be used as a bucket
  • 7.5 metre food grade hose with suitable connectors for fitting a mains tap. An additional 7.5 metre extension hose can be purchase here
  • Capacity of 8 litres
  • Safe for liquids and food
  • Electronically welded joints for extra strength
  • Can also be converted into a watering can if you purchase these parts

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This is that essential bit of kit for all those caravan, motorhome, campervan and tent users when they stay on a fully serviced campsite pitch.  Typically when you are staying in a caravan you will use a large 40-45 litre rigid vessel, which is bulky, heavy and awkward to carry and store.  Everyone has a different place to store them when they are travelling down the motorway!  They also don’t look very pretty.

We have been very busy at Colapz and have developed a product which we feel every camper needs.   Whether you are in a caravan, motorhome, van or tent you need one of these. It will work with the popular Truma or Whale pumps already available in the market or even without them, which is perfect for the van or tent user.  Even if you have an on-board tank, this 8 litre mini vessel can be a very useful safety device, ensuring the water to your on-board tank is shut off at the ball valve until you start to take in some water.

This fantastic kit comes complete with a 7.5 metre food grade hose fitted with connectors, so you are ready to start using it.   One of the connectors has an auto-stop feature, so that when when you disconnect it from the ball valve the water automatically shuts off, so there are no surprise soakings!   A 7.5 metre hose extension kit can also be purchased here to give you 15 metres in total.  The kits also includes a mini ball valve which is cleverly incorporated into the lid, which also has a wide opening for the Whale or Truma pump and recess for a tap, which makes it easy to convert your vessel into a water dispenser.   The clever folding stand also allows you to lift the vessel off the ground or surface and can be positioned perfectly for topping up the dog water bowl, filling up a kettle or a saucepan.  When you are not using the vessel on a serviced pitch, we have even included a spare cap to close of the lower outlet and allow you to use it as a bucket!    Three great uses for this small bit of kit.  If you fancy using it as a watering can, you can buy these parts as they work with the same fittings.

As well of been extremely space saving, this product weights less than 1kg and comes complete with a handy carry bag to keep everything in one neat place.   The premium materials we use are all food grade, UV resistant and the vessel is also frost resistant and therefore extremely durable.   For those winter getaways, we have also developed a smart thermal jacket which stops the water from freezing overnight, and we have also thought about a tailored sleeve just for the pipes of the pumps.  This jacket can also be used in the Summer months to keep the water inside cool!

If you’re searching for a quality water carrier to take on the road, look no further. We doubt you’ll find another that’s UV resistant, frost-proof, non-marking and durable with electronically welded joints and that looks so colourfully fantastic.

The kit includes:

  • 8L vessel
  • Mains ball valve (to control the water flow)
  • 7.5m food grade hose with connectors
  • Folding stand (to lift the vessel off the surface)
  • Storage bag
  • FREE insulation jacket (offer available for limited time only)

Additional information

Dimensions 22 x 22 x 25 cm



8 Litre



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