Collapsible Coffee Cup – COMING SOON!


  • Capacity of 400ml
  • Heat-resistant silicone grip
  • Ergonomic lid
  • Closing mouthpiece
  • Durable
  • Compact
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Want to take coffee on the road but get frustrated by having a large coffee cup left over at the end of the day? Whether you’re going to work or to the beach, space is often at a premium, so taking a cup that can shrink down afterwards is a brilliant idea. Meet the Collapsible Coffee Cup.

This cup has been designed with travel in mind. It sports an ergonomic lid that ensures it’s easy and comfortable to drink from. The mouthpiece also closes, making sure there are no spills as you travel – perfect for those morning commutes or bumpy country lanes. The cup also looks good and feels comfortable to hold in your hand. The design is deliberately sleek and compact, ensuring that it’s easy to keep hold of, no matter what the circumstances. It comes with a heat-resistant silicone grip that keeps the heat away from your skin without compromising on the heat of the liquid inside the cup. There’s also no need to worry about any toxins in your morning coffee – this cup is made from food grade materials, so there’s no compromising on safety either.

The Collapsible Coffee Cup is ideal for commuters, campers and anyone who likes to take their drinks on the move with them. It collapses to half its size without damaging the integrity of the cup. With some similar products, you might find the collapsible function leads to leaks but not with this one. The whole cup has been designed with the collapsible function at the heart of it, so you don’t have to worry about the design being damaged over a short period of time – this cup is durable. Once you’ve finished your drink and want to store the cup away, it fits nicely in a small bag. The only thing you have to do is remember to take it out ahead of the next time you want to use it!

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