Collapsible 16 Litre Utility Bag

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  • Capacity of 16 litres
  • Folds up neatly
  • Durable fabric
  • Sealed waterproof construction
  • Packed Size: 4.5 x 15 x 20cm
  • Full Size: 36 x 30 x 30cm
  • Available in blue or green

DISCLAIMER: The wet suit, mask & gloves are not included.  Props have been used for illustration purposes only.

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With this collapsible utility bag, you can dismiss those storage space woes and carry with you a bag that’s going to prove valuable right when you need it (and which can be easily packed away when you don’t). Is anything more musical to the ears of a caravan or motorhome owner?

No matter how ingeniously you pack items into your caravan or motorhome, you’ll likely always feel as though you could’ve done better. This is often the case when you’re looking for something sturdy to carry items in. Maybe you’re taking clothes to an on-site laundry or need to carry wood from one end of the site to another for a nice fire. This utility bag is the ideal accompaniment to any activity you might need to undertake during your travels – up to and including carrying water back from a communal tap.

Like all our products, this collapsible bag is both handy and well-made. The ability to fold it up for compact storage doesn’t mean that it’s weak. Heavy-duty fabric and a sealed waterproof layer at the bottom ensure that it’s going to keep you company for a long time. Nor is it boring – you’ll like the blue and green colour options that will fit into any caravan or motorhome while being easy to find in a hurry.

The Collapsible 16 Litre Utility Bag is also ideal for use around the home. Looking for a storage option for the attic or a bag to help you carry garden waste that won’t disintegrate? This bag ticks all the right boxes and you can store it easily away. Throw it in the back of the car in case of emergencies or use it in the workplace. Just be sure not to loan it out to friends – you might never get it back!

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16 Litre



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