Colapz Stretchy Lids pack of 2

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  • Size of first lid: 1 x 12cm (stretches to 19cm)
  • Size of second lid: 1 x 17cm (stretches to 24cm)
  • Transparent
  • Easy fit
  • Silicone
  • Forms an air-tight seal
  • Prevents spillage

DISCLAIMER: The bowls & mat are not included.  Props have been used for illustration purposes only.

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Put a stop to those spillages with these handy stretchy silicone lids that expand to cover a multitude of containers. That makes them perfect for taking with you wherever you go, not to mention the usefulness of keeping them around the home just in case.

These silicone lids are designed to form air-tight seals around containers of varying sizes. This pack includes two lids: the first one is 1 x 12cm and stretches up to 19cm, while the second one is 1 x 17cm and stretches up to 24cm. No more worrying about whether you’ve brought the right size lid with you – this pair cover most eventualities! Best of all, they’re really easy to fit so you won’t be stressing about getting them just right and they’re transparent, so you know exactly what’s in the container without removing the lid.

Whether you’re on a picnic or having a BBQ, you’ll find that these lids come in handy. They keep insects and other unwanted wildlife from poking their noses into your food and drink, covering everything from a glass of wine up to a bowl of soup. They’re also ideal for caravans and motorhomes, ensuring that containers keep their contents contained. Thanks to the air-tight seal, your food will be kept fresh for longer, something that all travellers have to consider at one point or another.

These lids are a bargain and will come in useful for years to come. If the kids want to take drinks outside and you’d rather they didn’t end up on the grass, these lids will be your friend. Similarly, they’re great for covering up food on a day at the beach and compact enough to be able to store whether you’re at home or travelling somewhere. They’ll turn out to be one of the smallest yet most effective purchases you’ve ever made.


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