Colapz Stretchy Lids pack of 4


  • Silicone lid will form an air-tight seal
  • Universal size (7cm diameter and can stretch to fit 10cm containers)
  • Easy to fit
  • Transparent lids for viewing content
  • Keeps food and drink fresh
  • Protect from insects
  • Ideal for picnics / BBQs / eating on the beach
  • Prevents spillage in your caravan or motorhome
  • DISCLAIMER: The mug, glasses & tin are not included.  Props have been used for illustration purposes only.

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With our handy 4 pack of stretchy silicone lids, you are able to cover up and seal your open containers. Keep your food fresh for longer. The stretchy lids create an air-tight seal on various size bowls for food once it has been opened; a great solution for protecting your food from insects when you are enjoying the outdoors. The lids are transparent so you’re able to see the content without removing the lid. This set includes 4 lids with the universal size of a 7cm diameter which can fit containers up to 10cm diameter vessels


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