5-in-1 Camping Utensil


  • Can be used as a knife, fork, spoon, tongs and bottle opener
  • Heat resistant up to 200 degrees
  • Food grade plastic
  • Ideal for camping and BBQs

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Where’s the right utensil when you need it? Buy this 5-in-1 tool and you’ll never be short of the right utensil at the right time. It works as a knife, fork, spoon, bottle opener and tongs, covering all bases and making easy work of life on the road.

You might be a camper, walker, backpacker, caravanner or motorhome enthusiast. Wherever you go on your travels, space is likely to be an issue. Either you’re carrying your equipment around with you or it’s stored in a place with relatively little storage space. So, what could be more useful that carrying around a tool that can do five things at once?

The 5-in-1 isn’t just a great idea – it also works. It’s heat resistant to 200 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about it melting when eating something hot and tasty. It also means that, when used as tongs, it’s ideal for turning items on a BBQ. If you’re more of a salad person, that’s covered too, and then you can open a bottle of beer or cola while you’re eating. You’re not likely to need to go back inside to collect something when you’ve got this utensil handy.

Unlike some comparable tools, the 5-in-1 is made from food grade plastics. That means it’s completely safe for handling food. It’s also easy to clean and is easily packed together to limit the amount of storage space needed. It’ll fit neatly in your bag or drawer until you need it.

Best of all, this utensil comes at a low price that doesn’t reflect the sheer quality and usefulness. Families can buy a couple of them for camping purposes, while you can give them to children as a safe alternative to using metal cutlery. Once you have this 5-in-1, you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

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