12v USB Rechargeable Battery for 3in1 Travel Shower

Regular price £10.00
  • Spare battery for the 3in1 travel shower
  • 45-60 minutes use after full 2.5 hour charge
  • Pump Size: 4cm diameter x 11cm height

DISCLAIMER: The charging cable is not included and has been used for illustration purposes only.

No one likes feeling shabby and one of the major complaints of travelling around can be how tricky it is to get yourself nice and clean. That’s not a concern when you invest in this 12 volt portable shower kit. This portable shower can be utilised with any standing-water source, putting you in control of your showering on the move. Travellers have become used to a certain degree of hygiene discomfort when they’re on the road, whether it’s a day out in the car or a longer trip. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Take your own portable power shower with you wherever you go by keeping this travel shower in your car all the time. Assembly of the portable shower unit is quick and simple then all you need to do is immerse the pump in the standing water source and start washing. The unit comes with two interchangeable heads, meaning it can act as either a travel shower or a hose (making it a useful tool for getting mud from your shoes and clothes), and also comes with a hanging hook and a sucker hook to allow it to be attached anywhere at your convenience. At full charge (2.5 hours) with the included charging lead, the rechargeable portable shower will provide 45-60 minutes of water flowing at a rate of 3 litres a minute. That’s brilliant if you need to rinse down the car on the move and you can’t recharge the unit. Just replenish your water source and away you go. Once you’ve finished, dissemble the 12v portable shower unit and pack away in its carry case that keeps all the elements safe and secure. The portable shower is great for anyone on a walk or hike, but it’s also a fantastic option for the garden at home. If you have difficulty washing your path, for example, use the power of the shower instead!