Where Would Your Dad Like To Spend Fathers Day?

Where Would Your Dad Like To Spend Fathers Day?

When we were little, we figured dad’s wanted to spend Father’s Day with us, his lovely, fun and playful children. When we got to be teenagers we thought that, as the apples of his eye, chances are dad felt privileged just to have one day with his brood when he could get a word in edgeways.

Now we’re older - and many of us are mums and dads ourselves - we know the truth. Dad was desperate for a little peace. So we’re starting our campaign for Father’s Day right here. No fast food restaurants, no cinema trips to see kid’s movie with no laughs, no constant demands to go to the park.

This Father’s Day let you dad spend the day where he wants to, in his own backyard. Any dad who’s a gardener, no matter the size of his garden will be relishing getting out and about in June. The weather’s warming up and plants are in full bloom. All that hard work over the autumn and spring is starting to blossom and he wants to be able to enjoy it.

So for Father’s Day, we’re saying don’t buy socks. Don’t buy aftershave he’ll only wear to be polite. Don’t buy him a shirt. Buy him a watering can and a bucket because it’ll give him an excuse to spend longer in his favourite place. Enter our Father’s Day competition at  www.facebook.com/mycolapz

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