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Colapz Bucket ranked 4th best collapsible bucket!

September 13, 2016

Compiled with thirty-two hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published on Ezvid Wiki (the world's first video wiki), is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of collapsible bucket options available to consumers in the United States.   Seems everyone continues to love our bright colours and excellent quality, and it's also great to hear the product is viewed as good value for money!  Buy our great buckets and other colapz products here! Continue Reading →

20 reasons why Colapz is your camping friend

September 25, 2015

There are many things you need to have a successful camping trip. While we agree with #CampingwithDogs, our new favourite Instagram feed, that a four-legged friend is a vital ingredient, we can't help but think that Colapz is too.  So we've listed all the uses of Colapz products that will make your camping trip so much easier! 1. Colapz products flatten down, so you save on packing space. 2. As well as storing flat they have a handy tie to you simply attach to your rucksack. 3. Don't forget that the less space they take up means more tent room! 4. A bucket is invaluable when you're camping. Carry water across the campsite and enjoy our easy handle for fewer spills.... Continue Reading →


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