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20 reasons why Colapz is your camping friend

September 25, 2015

There are many things you need to have a successful camping trip. While we agree with #CampingwithDogs, our new favourite Instagram feed, that a four-legged friend is a vital ingredient, we can't help but think that Colapz is too.  So we've listed all the uses of Colapz products that will make your camping trip so much easier! 1. Colapz products flatten down, so you save on packing space. 2. As well as storing flat they have a handy tie to you simply attach to your rucksack. 3. Don't forget that the less space they take up means more tent room! 4. A bucket is invaluable when you're camping. Carry water across the campsite and enjoy our easy handle for fewer spills.... Continue Reading →

5 time (and money) saving tips for gardeners in September

September 18, 2015

It shouldn't come as any surprise that here at Colapz, where we design products to save you space and making living a little easier, we like efficiency. Making buckets, watering cans and liquid carriers that fold away to save you space lets you consider other ways that can make the gardener more efficient and time, and money, are huge factors for gardeners. Those of us who like to be thrifty should embrace September for what it is, a chance to spend time investing in our garden that will reap dividends in the future. It can be tempting to see the start of Autumn as a chance to wind down in the garden; the summer bloom is starting to ebb, the... Continue Reading →


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